ErgonoMag Mysa

ErgonoMag Mysa

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A special BOOSTER version, ergonomic and heatable, of our Magnetic Mysa. Devised for "difficult" backs, posture problems and irregular vertebrae, it comes with an exclusive Mysa Hot ErgonoPad lumbar support belt!

ErgonoMag Mysa adds ergonomics and heat to your Magnetic Mysa, for a more comprehensive and effective treatment of the lumbar region!

It includes a unique Mysa Hot ErgonoPad lumbar support, which you will be able to insert into your acupressure mat. This will magnify the therapeutic effect of the mat’s microtips, even in case of significant spine curvature disorders (such as lumbar or thoracic hyperkyphosis).

The Mysa Hot ErgonoPad lumbar support can also be "turned" into a heatable lumbar support belt.

Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of heat on the very areas you wish to treat, which will synergically boost the soothing and muscle-relaxing properties of both acupressure and magnet therapy!

Maximum comfort for all, maximum effectiveness on...any kind of back!