ThermoMag Mysa Duo

ThermoMag Mysa Duo

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Enjoy the countless benefits of acupressure, magnet therapy and heat therapy. Maximum strength for quick and widespread relief all over your body!

Combine two wonderful products from our BOOSTER range: our Magnetic Mysa and the new and innovative Mysa ThermoMag Pillow!

In a single session, you will be able to stimulate all relevant acupressure points, thanks to the highest number of tips of any product on the market as well as the dozens of special bio-magnets placed on both pillow and mat. This will allow you to target a wider area of your body (from the lumbosacral to the neck region) and tackle disorders that are particularly difficult to treat in a more comprehensive, immediate and decisive manner.

The addition of magnet therapy has made our ThermoMag Mysa Duo 36% more effective than our Thermo Mysa Duo, the muscle-relaxing and soothing properties of which have already benefited thousands of users worldwide.

For a little extra expense, you will enjoy a lot of extra relaxation and wellbeing.