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Best Spikemat, Eco-friendly Spikemat, Spikemat for Insomnia

The most complete range of acupressure mats on the market

The Swedish evolution of the famous spikemat, invented decades ago in Russia by Prof. Ivan Kuznetsov.

Do you suffer from back pain? Insomnia? Neck pain? Stress? Muscle tension? Mysa has designed several different models. Here's how to choose the one best suited to your needs.

All versions of the Mysa mat are identical in terms of materials (natural cotton, vegetable-fibre padding, non-toxic ABS tips), size (Mysa Large: 80x45 cm) and floret design (33 balanced-density tips).

However, they differ with regard to some of the added elements (bio-magnets, CD, etc.), which make each version particularly effective in the treatment of specific conditions:

 Original Mysa : back pain, cellulite, poor circulation

 Mysa Thermo Pillow : headache, neck pain, whiplash

 Thermo Mysa Duo : fatigue, muscle stiffness, sciatica

 Magnetic Mysa : insomnia, fibromyalgia, discopathy, lower back pain

It must be stressed, however, that all Mysa mats provide the full benefits of acupressure. Therefore, they will all help you relax, they will all help relieve stress and muscle tension and they will all improve circulation and facilitate sleep.

Please note that our Thermo Mysa Duo is simply the combination of the Original Mysa and the Thermo Pillow. It is the longest acupressure mat on the market and it stimulates the largest number of trigger points on your body, thereby spreading the beneficial effects of acupressure from the sacral to the neck region. Why a mat and a pillow and not simply a longer mat? Well, a longer mat would have been just that: more cumbersome, but not nearly as ergonomic. Our soft Mysa Thermo Pillow, instead, fits perfectly under the back of your neck thanks to its eco-friendly spelt-chaff padding (no cheap foam rubber or plastic) and it ensures a more uniform pressure of the microtips on your skin.

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Best Spikemat, Spikemat for Back Pain Relief, Spikemat for Insomnia, Spikemat for Fibromyalgia