Agopressione: Il Miglior Rimedio Naturale per Ernia e Discopatia


Discopathy sets in when intervertebral disc cells dry up, deteriorate and are no longer replaced. It is therefore imperative to swiftly supply them with fresh oxygen, water and nutrients. Pain can manifest itself in various locations along the spine. However, it is particularly important acupressure target the sacral and lumbar regions while naturopathic magnet therapy acts on the whole back. More specifically, the action of Mysa’s 33-tip balanced-density florets (strictly based on Kuznetsov’s principles) combines with its special vegetable fibres and organic spelt chaff to ensure perfectly uniform acupressure. And this, in conjunction with the beneficial properties of magnet therapy, will ensure an optimal inflow of nutrients and oxygen to all the vertebrae, kick-starting the process of regeneration. Day after day… You will feel readjusted, relieved, rebalanced, regenerated…reset!

Il Miglior Tappetino per Acupressione per Ernia e Discopatia


Only our Magnetic Mysa can ensure a steady release of endorphins and an improved flow of blood and lymph.

“It feels like being hit by a deluge of beneficial natural substances that soothe inflammation, relieve muscle tension and relax the whole body!”

A few minutes on our Mysa mat should be all it takes to experience all that: muscle tension will ease off and you will enjoy moments of deep relaxation. Furthermore, your body will release a wealth of endorphins and you will feel a pleasant warmth brought about by improved blood circulation. All of which is not only quite enjoyable, but also essential to rebalance your muscles, thereby preventing the incorrect postures and unnatural stress on the intervertebral discs that all too often cause discopathy and herniated discs.

Agopressione, Magnetoterapia e Termoterapia contro Discopatia ed Ernia


Our Original Mysa is already very helpful in boosting blood circulation as its 33-tip florets and its Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding ensure perfectly balanced and effective acupressure. However, the most suitable mat to treat discopathy and herniated discs is definitely our  Magnetic Mysa . Its negative-polarity, naturopathic bio-magnets (expertly positioned to target both side of the spine) will further improve blood and lymph circulation, increasing cartilage nourishment.


And if you want an even more effective product, we wholeheartedly recommend our innovative  ErgonoMag Mysa® . The latter targets the lumbar region in an even more complete fashion, thanks to its ergonomics and the beneficial properties of heat therapy. And this, in turn, will benefit the whole body.

ErgonoMag Mysa® is the only product on the market that allows you to jointly deploy acupressure, magnet therapy and heat therapy to treat discopathy and herniated discs. It will also target the L4-L5 spinal segment in a more accurate and effective manner, thanks to its ergonomic Mysa Hot ErgonoPad lumbar support.

Moreover, the enclosed heatable lumbar support belt can be used even when you are not lying on your Mysa mat.

If you suffer from Discopathy or a Herniated Disc, Mysa recommends the following models: