Best Natural Remedy for Fatigue


Do you often feel tired, lethargic and lacking in energy, both physical and mental?

Take a step back from your work and family commitments and devote a few minutes of the day to yourself. Just to yourself.

Choose the most complete products in the Mysa range and “reboot” your body and mind. Make yourself the best present ever: melt tension away with the help of our special 33-pyramidal-tip florets. Lie on our invigorating "vegetable-fibre meadow" and rest your neck on our heatable pillow. If you feel fatigued, here comes the longest and most complete acupressure mat on the market.

The highest number of tips for the best and most immediate muscle-relaxing results.

With the added bonus of the soft thermo pillow perfectly fitting into the back of your neck. Warm it up and, mmmhh, what a marvellous feeling!

Best Acupressure Mat for Fatigue


Place your Thermo Mysa Duo on your bed and lie on it. Grab a good book and put on some soft music. Turn your mobile off and isolate yourself from the outside world. After the first few minutes, during which you will really feel the tips pressing against your back and neck, the initial discomfort will give way to a widespread sensation of warmth (microcirculation will have been activated) and you will feel as if you are almost "melting".

Stay this way for at least half an hour. Just drink some water from time to time in order to stimulate the homeostatic process of inner rebalancing. Stress and muscle tension will ease off. You may start feeling drowsy and fall asleep without even realising it.

Acupressure, Heat Therapy & Magnet Therapy Against Fatigue


If you want to get rid of tiredness and fatigue and reactivate your body, choose our most complete product, i.e. our  Thermo Mysa Duo , comprising an Original Mysa and a Mysa Thermo Pillow.

Enjoy total acupressure and experience the exhilarating feeling of your body being reactivated and revitalized.


Choose without hesitation one of the very best models in the Mysa range: meet our  ThermoMag Mysa Duo , consisting of a Magnetic Mysa and a Mysa ThermoMag Pillow.

To combat fatigue in an even more effective way, boost the beneficial properties of our mat by adding naturopathic magnet therapy, which will act on all relevant points along your spine, from the sacral to the neck region. It will repolarize your cells and reactivate and re-energize your body in a more immediate and comprehensive fashion. Lie on your ThermoMag Mysa Duo for just a few minutes and you will be able to face each day in top physical and mental shape.

You will wake up after a particularly deep sleep and find out mental and physical fatigue have been replaced by a feeling of lightness, A newfound energy will pervade you and you will feel rebalanced in body and mind.

PS=If you work in IT, perhaps you will understand better if we say you will feel as if you have been reformatted, rebooted. As if your body has been switched off and then on again.

Our all-natural Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding is eco-friendly and (unlike foam rubber) does not allow sweat and dust to accumulate. Lie on it and you will feel like you were on a mountain meadow. Choose the very best on the market: your body and the planet will thank you!

Here are the two Mysa models best suited to combat Fatigue:

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ThermoMag Mysa Duo

Enjoy the countless benefits of acupressure, magnet therapy and heat therapy.

Regular Price: €216.00

Special Price €154.90

Enjoy the countless benefits of acupressure, magnet therapy and heat therapy. Maximum strength for quick and widespread relief all over your body!

Combine two wonderful products from our BOOSTER range: our Magnetic Mysa and the new and innovative Mysa ThermoMag Pillow!

In a single session, you will be able to stimulate all relevant acupressure points, thanks to the highest number of tips of any product on the market as well as the dozens of special bio-magnets placed on both pillow and mat. This will allow you to target a wider area of your body (from the lumbosacral to the neck region) and tackle disorders that are particularly difficult to treat in a more comprehensive, immediate and decisive manner.

The addition of magnet therapy has made our ThermoMag Mysa Duo 36% more effective than our Thermo Mysa Duo, the muscle-relaxing and soothing properties of which have already benefited thousands of users worldwide.

For a little extra expense, you will enjoy a lot of extra relaxation and wellbeing.



Thermo Mysa Duo: Mat and Pillow for Acupressure

Combine mat and pillow: total wellbeing from the sacral to the neck region where, thanks to our ergonomic pillow, you will reap the benefits of heat therapy too!

Regular Price: €160.00

Special Price €109.90

Combine mat and pillow: total wellbeing from the sacral to the neck region where, thanks to our ergonomic pillow, you will reap the benefits of heat therapy too!

The "big brother" in the Mysa family. Aimed at the true acupressure enthusiasts as well as those who demand nothing less than the very best.

It has been specifically designed to incorporate all the wishes and suggestions our customers have made over the years.

Do you wish to stimulate all of your back’s trigger points in one fell swoop?

There you go: here comes the longest acupressure mat on the market (over 10,000 tips) with special vegetable-fibre padding!