Best Natural Remedy for Neck Pain


Acupressure pillows can be quite effective in relieving neck pain and tension, even when these extend to the shoulders and the trapezius. Through the mechanical action of their microtips, in fact, they not only encourage the brain to release beta-endorphins (our body’s natural painkillers), but also boost peripheral blood circulation.

An increased inflow of blood (hyperaemia) helps relieve tension in the neck region, leading to a soothing feeling of lightness in the nape and shoulders.

Tension will melt away and neck stiffness will ease off. You will then regain full mobility, a correct posture and will start enjoying life once again!

Best Acupressure Pillow for Neck Pain Relief


The pillow’s microtips must press on the area to be treated in a uniform and even manner. In other words, the pillow must be able to adapt to the specific shape of the user’s neck and shoulders. That is why the padding of all our products is made of spelt chaff and other vegetable fibres: soft, breathable, natural.

Plastic, industrial foam or foam rubber would lead to an incorrect neck posture, hence to ineffective acupressure and a heightened perception of pain during treatment.

The inflow of blood and the attendant muscle relaxation brought about by the increased local temperature must be supplemented by a heatable padding. This is also essential to make sure the skin can reap the full benefits of acupressure in a more effective and decisive way.

Acupressure, Heat Therapy & Magnet Therapy Against Neck Pain


Our  Mysa Thermo Pillow  is a new, innovative and exclusive product, specifically designed to treat neck pain. It is the undisputed king of neck pillows, having enthused thousands of users around the world and being increasingly regarded as one of the most interesting, innovative and effective natural remedies for neck pain currently on the market!

Our in-house tests have revealed how our Mysa Thermo Pillow is much more effective than comparable products in relieving neck and shoulder pain as it has been specially designed to ensure a perfectly balanced and uniform pressure of the microtips on the back of the neck. More specifically, it is:

 •  31% more effective than ordinary heatable pillows (i.e. without microtips);
 •  26% more effective than similar acupressure pillows available on the market (inflatable or with foam-rubber padding);
 •  27% more effective than rolled-up spikemats placed under the neck.


We are now able to offer an improved product, too: meet our brand new  Mysa ThermoMag Pillow . Eight special permanent bio-magnets have been added to our classic pillow, in accordance with the principles of naturopathic magnet therapy. And, thanks to their gauss power, specific polarity and expert arrangement, they will boost the pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing properties of our classic Thermo Pillow.

Magnet therapy is increasingly employed by health professionals for its ability to improve blood circulation and promote the cellular repolarization of tight neck muscles, resulting in a more effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory action.

Please note that the above-mentioned products are neither posture pillows, nor ordinary bed pillows. They measure about 35 x 25 cm (14 x 10 inches), are heatable and are true acupressure and magnet therapy self-care devices, to be used for 20-50 minutes.

Here are the two Mysa gems best suited to relieve Neck Pain:

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Mysa Thermo Pillow for Acupressure

Meet our exclusive heatable pillow for neck pain, with organic spelt chaff padding: a truly unique product!

Regular Price: €76.00

Special Price €59.90

Meet our exclusive heatable pillow for neck pain, with organic spelt chaff padding: a truly unique product!

Our innovative Thermo Pillow combines the benefits of acupressure and heat therapy with the natural properties of organic spelt chaff. It ensures maximum analgesic effect and relief of tension in the very areas where it most frequently builds up (i.e. neck and shoulders). Let it treat you to moments of unparalleled relaxation!

A soft, ergonomic body, of the highest Swedish quality, coupled with an all-Italian warm heart…

Can you think of anything better to take to bed with you?



Mysa ThermoMag Acupressure Pillow for Magnet Therapy

Its special bio-magnets make it ideally suited to ease neck and shoulder tension.

Regular Price: €92.50

Special Price €69.90

Its special bio-magnets make it ideally suited to ease neck and shoulder tension. Exclusively from Mysa!

Meet our brand new Mysa ThermoMag Pillow: a combination of acupressure, magnet therapy, heat therapy and the beneficial properties of spelt chaff.

It is the only pillow in the world that allows its users to simultaneously take advantage of four wonderful natural therapies, each known for its beneficial effects on body and mind. It will relax stiff muscles, boost blood and lymph circulation, facilitate sleep and relieve stress and tension in the very areas they most frequently build up, i.e. neck and shoulders.

The Mysa ThermoMag Pillow represents the latest, final stage of evolution of our acclaimed Mysa Thermo Pillow (or, in other words, its BOOSTER version).

A unique product. The most complete and innovative neck pillow currently on the market.