Mysa means relaxation, improved blood and lymph circulation and increased secretion of the hormones of wellbeing and vitality. But from an Oriental medicine perspective, Mysa also means unblocking the body’s energy channels and stimulating the chakras. Vital energy is a non-measurable entity, which nonetheless animates life. It is the prana, the chi, the energy flow that for centuries has been identified and described by students of the “inner self”.

When you lie on your Mysa mat, you will get in touch with your energy centres in a much more comprehensive and rapid fashion, emphasizing their interconnections and boosting their expansion to every part of your body.

If you then add the practice of our special Mysa Chakra Yoga (yoga on the Mysa acupressure mat) and meditation, the unblocking of the energy channels and the stimulation of the chakras will occur in an even faster and more complete way.


Mysa Chakra Yoga is a powerful tool, an ancient yet current way to free your mind, remove the hurdles to a correct energy flow and quickly sweep away any mental stagnation, dark thoughts or feelings of inadequacy.

Follow the instructions contained in the Mysa Chakra Yoga manual and let our exclusive Guided Meditation CD take you by the hand: an extremely efficient and integrated method to learn to listen to your chakras and boost joy in every part of your self.

The inner smile is not a mask, a pretence or an attitude; by mentally smiling during the asanas, you will feel the quality of your emotions change, leading you to a feeling of lightness. And this also applies to life in general.

“The attitude of the mind is the highest form of prayer”—Roberto Ergi


Yoga Teachers realize it immediately. They tell us, with a mixture of amazement and enthusiasm, how practicing yoga and meditation on our Mysa mat’s 33-tip, balanced-density florets is surprisingly effective in untying energy knots.

As explained in the enclosed manual, our  Original Mysa  is an ideal device to practice yoga on. Moreover, its all-natural vegetable fibres are perfectly in line with the principles of those who love yoga, the environment and the planet (unlike plastic, foam rubber and other by-products of crude oil).


Do you want to unleash your inner life energy? Do you want to get rid of nervous energy and fully open your chakras? Do you want to finally understand what yoga can give you and enjoy its many benefits in a wonderfully straightforward manner? Here comes our  Holistic Mysa  mat.

It features an exclusive Guided Meditation CD and a manual illustrating all 144 poses making up the Mysa Chakra Yoga method: yoga on the acupressure mat. Besides, its Mysa Chakra Azul colour and the image of the seven chakras embroidered on its back make it visually stunning.

You will be able to feel the universal life energy (prana), to mentally enlarge you inner vacuum by way of balanced breathing and to generate the inner smile, entering a state of inner beauty. Those who love yoga cannot help but choose Mysa!

Here are the Mysa models that will help unblock the inner energy: