The Mysa mat is a modern device that, nevertheless, allows its users to reap the benefits of a millennia-old therapy: Foot Reflexology!

“At work, I often take my shoes off and place the soles of my feet on my Mysa mat…while I work at my desk, I experience a wonderful feeling of wellbeing, radiating from bottom to top…”

All techniques employing pressure points, from acupuncture to shiatsu, from acupressure to auriculotherapy, are based on the principle that there exist well-defined pathways linking specific reflex points to all organs and areas of the body. And it is through these pathways that the energy necessary to maintain a state of harmony and vitality flows.

That is why placing the soles of your feet on a Mysa mat can be very helpful. By doing so, in fact, you will stimulate many important acupressure points and reflexology meridians, which will in turn have a beneficial effect on many of the disorders you may suffer from (even when these affect your internal organs).


It is advisable to sit on a chair (at least initially, in order not to unload your whole body weight onto the microtips—especially if barefoot) and push your soles into the mat, trying to apply the same amount of pressure with both feet.

After the first few sessions, you should try to be barefoot and apply as much pressure as possible, subject to your personal pain threshold. If you can, stand on the mat to exert maximum pressure.

The pressure on the foot meridians will have a therapeutic effect and will produce a feeling of general wellbeing that will rise up to your mind and will permeate your whole body! Although the initial stinging pain can prove particularly annoying, soon the sensation of widespread relief, the improvement in your physical and mental state and in your posture will take over, leaving you pleasantly surprised!


Our classic, famous,  Original Mysa  has everything you need to fully enjoy the mechanical information that the microtips transmit to the brain and therefore, at reflexology level, to the  whole body. You feel widespread benefits, on body and mind. The 33-tip florets are in fact those that guarantee the best beneficial effects, with absolutely suitable and bearable pain perception.


We also recommend you take advantage of our BOOSTER product: an improved version of our acupressure mat specifically designed for foot reflexology:  Ergono Mysa .

Why? Because you will have a more precise and proper contact of the foot meridians, especially when sitting, thanks to a more correct contact of the soles on the acupressure surface, and because you can add the beneficial natural heat to acupressure!

The heat will help both maximize the action of the microtips, facilitating the mechanical transmission of the information to the brain level and then the organs and to boost the flow of blood (hyperaemia) to the soles of the feet. Heat therapy will be an excellent additional ally to stimulate blood and lymph circulation, relieve side effects such as fatigue and swelling of the limbs, help to restore proper blood circulation and body temperature in the colder months.

It is not over! With our Ergono Mysa you can also avail yourself of the heatable Mysa Hot ErgonoPad back support belt, which will act as a complementary treatment to relieve back pain and muscle pain problems, and restore your most correct posture. Many, many more benefits, for a risible extra expense!

Here are the Mysa models we recommend to reap the full benefits of Foot Reflexology: