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For hernias and discopathies, Mysa has developed a specific product that often proves to be a very effective aid in decompressing the vertebrae and thus relieving pain and poor posture.

It’s the Mysa Back Extender, a vertebral “stretcher.” You can easily and gradually decompress your spine at home, a few minutes a day, using a special 12-day Video program. There’s also a version with a pillow. To further reduce the pains associated with hernias and discopathies, know that the Mysa mat also proves to be an excellent complement to our Mysa Back Extender. Here’s how it works.

Tapis d’acupression Mysa contre hernie et discopathie


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

70% have halved their pain at least
82% have resumed sports activities
68% have eliminated at least one hernia
93% would recommend it

The most comprehensive extender on the market

Regain full flexibility in a few days

Intervertebral disc herniation is a result of the degeneration of the fibrous disc ring in its posterior portion, causing the material of the intervertebral discs’ pulpy nucleus to protrude. This, in turn, compresses the spinal nerves and causes pain.

When performing decompression exercises, it’s important to avoid movements that strain the spine too much, such as twists and incorrect exercises in lumbar hyperlordosis.

For this purpose, the Mysa Back Extender was created, a lumbar stretcher designed to decompress the spine.

Its secret lies in the exclusive “12 minutes / 12 days 100% Back in Shape” program by Rakuten, a protocol of professional video tutorials that will guide you towards safer, targeted, and definitive results. In fact, with just 12 minutes a day, and after twelve days (or often even sooner…), you can finally enjoy widespread well-being again, thanks to the progressive “resetting” action on your back.

A feeling of relief and lightness from compressions, pain, and stiffness, which is testified to us every day on social media by many enthusiastic users.

Mysa Pillow for Treating the Cervical

Acupressure and warmth where tensions concentrate

There’s also a more comprehensive version of the Mysa Back Extender, which also includes the renowned Mysa Thermo Pillow, considered the best cervical pillow on the market for years!

The pillow allows the best execution of the program’s exercises, as well as complete decompression of the vertebrae, from the sacral area to the cervical area (where tensions due to hernias and poor posture often concentrate). It’s an important complement during the maintenance phase to treat tensions and widespread pain, with a decisive relaxing and analgesic action, even on the nape, neck, and shoulders, to quickly and definitively regain better posture and full mobility.

Finally, the regenerative effect with the Magnetic Mysa

Decompress, relieve tensions and pain, and reset the body

It’s also important to highlight how discopathy occurs when the cells of the intervertebral discs dry out, deteriorate, compress, and are no longer regenerated. Therefore, it’s necessary to supply new oxygen, water, and nutrients.

For this purpose, it’s important to combine the mechanical decompression action of the Mysa Back Extender with the exclusive Magnetic Mysa mat, to provide this essential nutritional and oxygen supply around all the vertebrae, thus activating the regenerative process. Day after day… You will find yourself realigned, lightened, lifted, straightened, rebalanced, regenerated… reset!

Only with the Magnetic Mysa, indeed, will there be a pain-relieving secretion of endorphins and a well-distributed blood and lymphatic circulation. “You feel a shower of beneficial natural substances that extinguish inflammations and dissolve muscular tensions, giving pleasure throughout the body!”

In short, the Mysa Back Extender decompresses, the pillow readjusts posture, and the Magnetic Mysa mat completes the process with regeneration and blocking the perception of pain.

If hernia isn’t your only discomfort: discover the Mysa for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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