Acupressure can help relieve tension, both physical and mental, and has proven muscle-relaxing properties as it gets the body to release beta-endorphins and oxytocin. The latter is also known as the “hormone of love and serenity” for its calming properties and for its ability  to promote a more positive and relaxed attitude towards life.

Lie on your Mysa mat for at least 20 minutes each day: in the morning, to help you face the day ahead, or in the evening, to relax and facilitate sleep. Our Mysa mat can also boost blood circulation (thereby improving overall cell oxygenation) and has a pleasantly relaxing effect on both your muscles and your mind.

Mysa is a trusted friend you can rely on at any time, especially when you feel anxious or agitated. Besides, you will not need to resort to any substances that could have adverse side effects.


If you then add meditation and yoga, your journey towards a less anxious, worried or upset state of mind will be much shorter, much more pleasurable and a lot easier!

While acupressure relaxes your body, Mysa will take you by the hand and introduce you to two of the most ancient practices to control hypertension: Yoga and Meditation.

Daily yoga and meditation, practiced for millennia in Eastern countries, has finally been acknowledged by Western medicine as a useful tool against hypertension (high blood pressure).

It all probably started in 1974, with a research carried out by the prestigious Harvard Medical School, followed by numerous other studies over the subsequent three decades. Finally, in 2006, the American Journal of Hypertension emphasized the medium-term benefits of meditation in reducing stress and high blood pressure.

Stress, in fact, has often a negative effect on hypertension and, indirectly, on cardiovascular disease.

Moreover, learning how to breathe in a natural and relaxed fashion will help reduce your arterial blood pressure.


Our classic  Original Mysa  mat (the most widely used by health practitioners) is all you need to lower hypertension.


Nonetheless, at Mysa we have gone one step further. That is why to help reduce hypertension we recommend our  Holistic Mysa We have long since found out that regularly practicing meditation and yoga can be highly useful in reducing stress and, consequently, lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease. For this reason, we have decided to bring together a simple meditation technique (explained, step by step, in a specially-selected CD) and the muscle-relaxing properties of the original Mysa mat. Furthermore, the enclosed Mysa Chakra Yoga manual will illustrate 144 special poses to be carried out on your Mysa mat, which will help lower blood pressure in an even more decisive and effective way. 

The objective is to teach you, quickly and in the comfort of your own home, how to breathe properly and how to relax and clear your mind, while the acupressure mat takes care of your physical tension.

Here are the Mysa models best suited to fight Hypertension: