Do you feel exhausted, empty, mentally tired?

Does life feel too hard with its frantic pace, its constant focus on performance, its endless succession of duties, tasks, deadlines?

Well, you are not alone. It is thought that one in five people suffers from some form of mental fatigue.

Have you ever experienced a slight, persistent mental malaise? Ever felt your life was an endless and directionless race?

If you have, it is exactly you our wonderful Holistic Mysa mat was conceived for. It is the very best to fight mental fatigue.


Have you ever thought of taking up yoga and meditation? If you have not, you really ought to. Right now, without hesitation. You have the right to stop. To spend some time at home, on your own, while all outside keep running in circles, frantically, aimlessly.

Your life is the sum total of your thoughts: slow them down, turn them into positive ones. Smile with your mind.

What you need is a guide showing you the way. And we can provide that in the guise of an illustrated manual featuring all 144 “Mysa Chakra Yoga” poses (to be performed on the Mysa mat) and an exclusive and previously unreleased Guided Meditation CD.

All the information and explanations you need are contained in a manual and a CD. Hence, they are easily accessible and will allow you to take care at once of your tired, fatigued, exhausted mind in the comfort of your own home. They will also help unblock your body’s energy channels, restoring positivity and mental freshness.

Moreover, all this will not cause further stress by way of rigid schedules, crowded classes, traffic or exotic journeys.

Start enjoying Holistic Mysa today. Straight away, in the comfort of your own home.  A high-quality acupressure mat will help loosen up your muscles and the built-up tension around your neck, shoulders and back. At the same time, an exclusive yoga manual and the friendly voice coming from our Meditation CD will guide you towards lightness, harmony and a state of mental and spiritual wellbeing that will accompany you for the rest of the day.


If you suffer from mental fatigue, set aside a few minutes to for yourself (just yourself) and lie on our  Original Mysa  in the silence of your bedroom or wherever you prefer. Mysa will become an invaluable addition to your daily life, relaxing you, re-energizing you and reactivating your mind. You will then be able to face each day with renewed vigour and confidence. And this is really all you need. Choose the best design and the best materials to fight mental fatigue every day: choose Mysa!


Our  Holistic Mysa  is even better suited to combat mental fatigue as it combines acupressure with yoga and meditation. A team of renowned yoga experts have put together a comprehensive manual that will introduce you to our innovative Mysa Chakra Yoga, i.e. yoga on the Mysa acupressure mat. Also enclosed are an exclusive Guided Meditation CD and a stunning representation of the seven chakras embroidered on the back of the mat (which comes in a wonderful “Mysa Chakra Azul” turquoise colour). Give yourself the best gift ever!

If you suffer from mental fatigue, here are the two Mysa models for you: