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Mysa Nidra Yoga Regeneration

Both music and words have been carefully chosen to regenerate and harmonize the physical and mental state of the listener, while they relax on their Mysa acupressure mat.

All Mysa systems are built paying particular attention to the ethical aspect of production and the quality of the finished product.

Music, complemented by the soothing voice of the narrator, plays a major role in our Mysa Nidra Yoga—a type of yoga ideally suited to relax, de-stress and pacify the mind, by harmonizing thoughts and emotions. 

It is also meant to restore wellbeing and naturalness, by providing continuous regenerative and harmonizing inputs.

Music improves the environment in which it is being played, getting in tune with the listener after just a few minutes.

While listening, keep a positive mental attitude and breathe slowly and calmly (please see Mysa Chakra Yoga, ch. “The Conscious Yogic Breath”, p. 26) so that the harmony generated by sounds and words flows unimpeded into your soul, bringing it close to universal naturalness.

Our sessions also aim to promote:

relaxation, consciousness, regeneration, mental openness, chakra harmonization, etheric cleansing, change in mental attitude, positive activation of possibilities, emotional stabilization, soul re-ignition, endorphins secretion (the “hormones of wellbeing”).

The practice of Mysa Nidra Yoga with the help of the Mysa acupressure mat (harmonic, with 33-tip florets) increases the effectiveness of the session stimulating the free flow of energy through the meridians of its tips (see also the “Mysa Chakra Yoga” manual).



How to practice a Mysa Nidra Yoga session

Prepare the environment so that the light is dim, with the help, for example, of candles, salt lamps, natural scented essence diffuser or natural incense.

Depending on where will be located the sound system, it will be positioned respectively in a comfortable chair or on the couch, on a deck chair, on the bed or floor.

If you need to use a blanket and cover.

The Mysa mat can be positioned in different points of the body according to the position assumed: rolled under the neck, or is rolled along the entire spinal column, under the feet, under the legs, over the abdomen. 

The attitude must be peaceful and prepared to listen.

The breathing should be calm and slow (see chapter on breathing in the manual: “Mysa Chakra Yoga”).

After a few minutes of listening will perceive the effect of deep wellbeing that develops as a global experience in our being.

It is possible that you fall asleep during the session, in which case the relaxing and regenerative effect is also implemented, although it is recommended to follow the sequence while awake.

This product is ideal for families and groups of yoga, meditation, holistic disciplines and sports, for health clubs, hotels, spas, etc.

Enjoy your Mysa Nidra Yoga session

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