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Mysa Chakra Yoga is a new methodology that can quickly power up yoga, making it accessible to everyone. Its innovative sequences, specifically devised to be performed on the Mysa acupressure mat, will heighten your perception, improve your microcirculation and boost the activity of the chakras and all other vital-energy structures.

A new, amazing way of conceiving yoga. An unprecedented combination of the original Swedish Mysa mat and a millennia-old discipline, which has impressed hundreds of yoga teachers for the straightforward way it relieves tension, stress and stiffness in just a few days (as opposed to the months it usually takes with the common asanas).

With the help of a world-renowned yoga teacher, we have devised 144 special poses, subdivided into 12 sequences, specifically designed to be performed on the Mysa mat: MYSA CHAKRA YOGA.

An innovative and exclusive yoga methodology that will quickly allow you to unblock your energy and stimulate your chakras, getting your body to release endorphins and oxytocin (the hormones of love, happiness and wellbeing).

This new approach to chakra stimulation is summarized in the never-seen-before representation of the seven energy centres sewn on the back of our Holistic Mysa mat.



A beautiful image of the Chakra spiral seen from above, which you will be able to hang at home or in your yoga centre, turning it into a decorative tapestry.

“In such a stressful world we can rapidly change the parameters of our life thanks to Mysa Chakra Yoga. It will give us an immediate sense of wellbeing and a new, clearer view of the wolrd”Roberto Ergi, Creator of Mysa Chakra Yoga Yoga

Why yoga on the acupressure mat?

One of the main problems with physical yoga is that of the so-called “anchorage to the ground”. In many poses, in fact, it is difficult to find the right balance as imperceptible microtension, chronic muscle stiffness or lateralized habits cause the body to lean to one side and can result in the excessive elongation of some tendons and the unbalancing of the connective tissue. If the connective tissue is not balanced, it is hard to re-balance it precisely. Our Mysa Chakra Yoga, however, solves this problem. 

By merely attempting a few sequences, you will immediately notice the big qualitative difference of its poses.

The tips will sink into your muscles and immediately begin ridding them of tension and stiffness. They will recondition the myofascial tissue, leading to a new and more balanced muscle distribution. The reactivated microcirculation will result in deep tissue stimulation, reviving spots you had long forgotten and causing micro-movements thanks to which your spine will tend to realign itself and re-acquire its natural curvature.

Why yoga on the Mysa acupressure mat?

On every Mysa mat there are 33 tips in each floret and all of them will stimulate your vital energy points. The number 33 is often considered a magic number. It is the number of our vertebrae, the master number, the number of years necessary to achieve the greatest transformation (self-realization), the number of maximum balance, the recurring number in the avatars. 33 is also a harmonious number in archaeometry:  the quest for harmonious elements is, in fact, central to the human being and to yoga as well. After numerous tests, we have found out that lying on a mat whose florets are made of 33 tips is much more balancing, effective and pleasant than if the tips were 29, 35 or any other number.


Mysa Mat

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