Acupressure on the Mysa Mat and Pillow as a natural remedy for insomnia and sleep disorders

Insomnia and other sleep disorders can have many causes. The main one, however, relates to our lifestyle: stress is nowadays our number one enemy and our sleep greatly suffers from it.

Sleep allows our brain to relive the day’s events without the interference of daily thoughts—a very important action for our wellbeing.

It is therefore imperative to sleep well or our quality of life will worsen!

Those suffering from sleep disorders will surely know what we are talking about. Luckily, thanks to Mysa, we can now offer a natural remedy for insomnia that is often very effective.

A number of experts and complementary medicine practitioners who have worked with Mysa over the years have identified two methods that, in spite of being quite straightforward, have proven to be particularly effective in facilitating sleep. A few minutes on a Mysa mat and...goodnight!

Here is how to use the Mysa acupressure mat to combat insomnia in the comfort of your own home.

First Method:

Lie in bed, under the covers, with your Mysa Mat beneath your bare back and relax for at least 20 minutes (even though you will probably fall asleep earlier. In this case, move the mat away and continue sleeping).

Keep your Mysa within reach in case you woke up during the night and needed immediate help resuming a quick and deep sleep.

insonnia e mysa, il miglior rimedio per l'insonnia

Second Method:

Place the Mysa mat on a flat surface, preferably the bed, under a blanket.

Rest your bare back on the mat, making sure the latter covers the whole area going from the occiput to the coccyx.

Maintain this position for 5-10 minutes and then turn around and lie on your stomach for another 5-10 minutes.

Repeat once a day, in the evening just before going to bed, for 1-2 months in order to enjoy long-lasting benefits and try to regularize your sleep in a permanent and enduring manner.

You are likely to fall asleep within the initial 5 minutes, as hundreds of Mysa users have told us.

insonnia e mysa, il miglior rimedio per l'insonnia

Muscle relaxation will help your mind banish the dark, disturbing and obsessive thoughts which haunt so many people when they turn off the lights off or, even worse, when they start drifting in and out of sleep. Relaxing before going to bed promotes a deep and refreshing sleep.

We therefore suggest using our Original Mysa mat just before turning in.

Try, however, to use the Original Mysa mat as often as you can. Your body learns “gladly” and “memorizes” the effects of each acupressure session: your sleep will improve and, consequently, so will your physical and mental performance during the whole day.


The Original Mysa mat is already more than fit for this purpose. However, our Mysa SuperBooster has proved to be the most effective one in the fight against insomnia.

Many users have in fact experienced the same curious effect. When they lie on their Mysa SuperBooster under the covers, after just a few seconds, they feel as if someone had hit them on the head and goodnight. They lie on their Mysa SuperBooster and…bam! They wake up the following morning refreshed and ready for the day ahead, feeling like they had slept for a whole day! This is what has been reported to us by individuals who for years had tossed and turned in bed for whole nights.




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