In these days, when we are all requested to stay home, due to the COVID-19 emergency, the request of our Mysa have hugely increased!

We have increased our staff (in Smart-Working mode) in order to guarantee, even in this period, punctual and timely shipments, in order not to leave any family without a Mysa, to use at home.

Mysa is proving to be a very important aid for those who:

  • Need to eliminate back pain and muscolar pain, due to lack of physical activity
  • Cannot enjoy professional treatments such as massages and physiotherapy,
  • Experience increasing sleep disorders
  • Need important relief from mental tensions
  • Want to take advantage of MYSA Yoga, pilates, stretching, etc. programs at home, on the Mysa mat (from our MYSA TUTORIAL)

It's nice to have to stay home when you have a Mysa!

Best Acupressure Mat for Natural Pain Relief, Best Acupressure Mat for Muscle Relaxation