A joint disease which is as common as it is insidious: it shows up in the morning, spoiling our awakening, seems to disappear during the day, but invariably comes back in the evening and keeps tormenting us in our sleep.

The action of Mysa’s thousands of special microtips will stimulate the brain to release endorphins (with their attendant analgesic effect) and will also help increase blood flow to the affected area. And both outcomes will be greatly boosted by one the oldest remedies for osteoarthritis: heat therapy (aka thermotherapy).

One of Mysa’s most distinctive and unique features is the possibility to combine acupressure and heat therapy, along with the absence of any side effects (unlike other common therapies).


We believe it is important to take advantage of naturopathic magnet therapy, too. According to the main principles of this remarkable natural therapy, stable-field bio-magnets can greatly enhance the beneficial properties of acupressure. An extraordinary combination that is often invaluable in relieving musculoskeletal pain in a completely natural fashion. Vasodilation will improve blood circulation (resulting in an increased supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to the myocytes), speed up metabolism, lower blood pressure and relieve pain.

It must be stressed, however, that acupressure mats can only relieve pain temporarily but cannot remove its root causes, which can be manifold.

We must also remember that, often, aches and pains in other areas of the body (such as legs, arms, feet, etc.) may also be caused by some kind of spine inflammation that reaches the limbs through the nervous system.


Thanks to its special microtips, our Original Mysa is perfectly capable of boosting blood circulation and muscle cell oxygenation. However, we believe it is important to extend such benefits to a wider area, targeting the neck region, too. That is why our choice must fall on our  Thermo Mysa Duo .


As we regard magnet therapy as a great addition in the treatment of osteoarthritis, an even more effective product is our  ThermoMag Mysa Duo .

As previously stated, it is advisable to treat the largest possible area through acupressure, heat and the bio-magnets. The latter have been expertly positioned to target both sides of the spine and the trapezius muscle (back of the neck).

The pillow alone can also be used to relieve the pain caused by different types of osteoarthritis. To this end, it can be placed under the neck (cervical osteoarthritis), under the lower back while lying on it (spinal osteoarthritis), on the hip (osteoarthritis of the hip) or under the knee pit (kneecap osteoarthritis).

The ideal products to help relieve the symptoms of Osteoarthritis: