Take a look at the gems in the Mysa range! 

First of all, our three  Best Sellers , our most universal products: with these you will never go wrong! 

You will then find our innovative  Mysa Booster  products to treat specific conditions.

And last, but definitely not least, the very top of our range: the  Mysa SuperBooster .

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Best Sellers

Here are our three "classic" models: the ones that have made Mysa a worldwide success!

For all those who wish to fully enjoy the countless benefits of acupressure, guaranteed by Mysa's Swedish quality.

Booster Products

If you have a specific need, here are our eight "Mysa Booster" products.

Designed to amplify the beneficial effects of acupressure by adding heat therapy, magnet therapy, enhanced ergonomics, etc...

You will enjoy all the benefits of our classic "best sellers". However, an extra feature will make them even better suited to treat specific disorders!


Magnetic Mysa: Spike Mat for Magnet Therapy

Add magnet therapy to acupressure.

Regular Price: €140.00

Special Price €98.00


Mysa ThermoMag Acupressure Pillow for Magnet Therapy

Its special bio-magnets make it ideally suited to ease neck and shoulder tension.

Regular Price: €92.50

Special Price €69.90


ThermoMag Mysa Duo

Enjoy the countless benefits of acupressure, magnet therapy and heat therapy.

Regular Price: €216.00

Special Price €154.90


Ergono Mysa

An innovative version that makes our Mysa acupressure mat ergonomic and heatable, thanks to the enclosed Mysa Hot ErgonoPad lumbar support!

Regular Price: €135.00

Special Price €109.90


ErgonoMag Mysa

A special BOOSTER version, ergonomic and heatable, of our Magnetic Mysa.

Regular Price: €165.00

Special Price €143.90


Ergono Mysa Duo

Maximum pain-relieving and muscle-relaxing effect on the largest possible body surface area.

Regular Price: €212.00

Special Price €143.90


Holistic Mysa

Coming with a guided meditation CD and a manual featuring all 144 Mysa Chakra Yoga poses, our Holistic Mysa will take great care of both your body and your mind.

Regular Price: €122.00

Special Price €92.90


Mysa Hot ErgonoPad

An exclusive heatable lumbar support, which allows users of our Mysa mat to rest their back on it in a perfectly ergonomic fashion.

Regular Price: €65.00

Special Price €49.90

Super Booster Product

Mysa SuperBooster: the Most Complete Acupressure Mat on the Market, Best Acupressure Mat, Best Spike Mat

And finally the most complete product in the Mysa range.

For all those who demand nothing less than the absolute best.

It encompasses all the unique features and properties of the various Mysa models.


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