Mysa can help treat all types of tendonitis (certainly the most common ones: elbow, Achilles, wrist, rotator cuff, etc.) by reducing swelling and restoring joint mobility.

Our unique Mysa pillows are the only products on the market that can help both in the initial, acute stage and in case of chronic tendonitis.

This is possible because they will let you reap the benefits of acupressure (all stages), cold therapy (acute stage: on the first day, freeze the pillow and place it on the injured area for at least 20 minutes) and heat therapy (helpful in the longer run: simply warm the pillow up). And if you opt for our BOOSTER version, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of magnet therapy too.

Cold therapy, if used immediately after sustaining an injury, causes vasoconstriction, which helps reduce inflammation and oedema. It also reduces the sensitivity of the affected area and its swelling, kick-starting the healing process. The combination of acupressure and heat therapy will instead be very helpful at a later stage (chronic tendonitis). Heat therapy, in particular, induces vasodilation, which increases the inflow of blood and oxygen to the affected area, speeding up the elimination of toxins and decreasing recovery time.

Another very effective natural therapy, increasingly used by sportspeople to treat tendonitis, is magnet therapy (placing the right magnets on the injured area can reduce inflammation).


Why Mysa? Only Mysa can provide you with a single product that allows you to take advantage of four great natural therapies to treat tendonitis: acupressure, cold therapy (cryotherapy), heat therapy (thermotherapy) and naturopathic magnet therapy. Isn’t this wonderful?

Chronic pain is usually accompanied by joint and muscle stiffness. Both acupressure and heat therapy can be very helpful in getting rid of such stiffness, thereby relieving pain and improving tendon elasticity.

Acupressure and heat can be supplemented by magnet therapy in order to further speed up recovery.

This unique combination of natural therapies will decisively and comprehensively activate the tendon-healing process, through an increased secretion of endorphins and an improved blood flow. Moreover, the negative-polarity bio-magnets will be very helpful in repolarizing cells, leading to a more vigorous anti-inflammatory action.


The product for you is our  Mysa Thermo Pillow : it is extremely practical and is ideally suited to topical treatments. You can use it as a cold therapy device (initial acute stage), as a cold therapy and acupressure device (second stage) and as an acupressure and heat therapy device (following stage). It is a truly wonderful product, completely natural and increasingly used by professional sportspeople to treat acute and chronic tendonitis.


And now there’s an even more effective product: meet our brand new  Mysa ThermoMag Pillow . It is a unique product featuring a set of special, stable-field, permanent bio-magnets. Magnet therapy can help regenerate injured tendon tissue in a faster and more decisive manner. It will improve blood circulation and stimulate the brain to release endorphins, thereby relieving pain and reducing inflammation.

Here are the two Mysa products ideally suited to alleviate Tendonitis: