Mysa means total relaxation and absolute wellbeing. Millions of people already know it!

You may not suffer from back pain. You may be fit and your body well-conditioned (…congratulations!). Still, why not treat yourself to moments of unparalleled wellbeing?

Our Thermo Mysa Duo amplifies the muscle-relaxing properties of ordinary acupressure mats thanks to its more than 10,000 tips (inducing maximum oxytocin release) and its soft, heatable pillow (how delightful to rest your neck on it…very, very Mysa!).

Our Thermo Mysa Duo will allow you to obtain the best possible results in terms of relaxation, stress relief and loosening up of tight muscles, particularly in the neck region.


After the first few minutes of discomfort (you do have thousands of tips pressing against your skin), you will experience a sensation of warmth (many users compare it to lying on a warm sandy beach) that will, in turn, become a wonderful feeling of total relaxation. The microtips are performing their beneficial task.

It is almost as if they are commanding your body to release endorphins, to release oxytocin (i.e. the hormones of happiness and pleasure).

Thanks to the natural softness of the pillow (no foam rubber), you will feel the microtips pressing evenly on the back of your neck and will be pleasantly surprised. It is precisely in this area, in fact, that tension tends to concentrate.

And it is exactly here that you will experience the “painful pleasure” of our microtips. On the other hand, isn’t it just the vigorous, powerful, painful pressure on your body that you so much enjoy when you have a Shiatsu massage or visit an osteopath? A pleasurable, healthy, muscle-relaxing pain. It stimulates the production of endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers), thereby blocking the perception of pain and increasing your wellbeing for a prolonged period of time.


For total relaxation we recommend our  Thermo Mysa Duo .

Our in-house tests have shown that, of all our mats, it is the the most effective one in terms of total relaxation and muscle-loosening action. We have also found it brings about a pleasant feeling of drowsiness, which can quickly turn into a deep sleep.  This is due to its special, Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding, which is breathable, has perfect density and acts synergically with our unique 33-tip Mysa florets. Consequently, the applied pressure on the body’s trigger points is perfectly even and balanced.


The only model that can treat its users to moments of even deeper relaxation is our brand new  ThermoMag Mysa Duo , which comprises a Magnetic Mysa and a Mysa ThermoMag Pillow.

Its special, negative-polarity bio-magnets will tremendously boost the soothing and muscle-relaxing action of its more than 10,000 beneficial microtips. Lie on it and, after just a few minutes, you will enter a state of complete and all-encompassing relaxation.

The feeling of tension melting away is here truly astounding. Only those who have been lucky enough to try our ThermoMag Mysa Duo know what we mean!

The three Mysa gems we recommend for Total Relaxation: