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Magnetic Mysa XXL

Limited availability!


Limited availability!

Magnetic Mysa XXL

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One and a half meters of total relaxation and deep well-being!

The best acupressure combined with the power of 32 powerful natural biomagnets.

Treat yourself to the luxury of experiencing the unique sensation of the “100% Mysa Total Body Intense Acupressure & Magneto-Therapy Experience”!

Only with the Magnetic Mysa XXL can you achieve it!

In fact, only by combining the extra length of 150 cm with the best acupressure of the Mysa micro-spikes and magnetic therapy, can you achieve the deepest analgesic and stretching capacity ever.

“A unique experience, it feels like sinking into a bed of absolute relaxation, a sensation of relief from pain, tensions, and stress. I often fall asleep immediately, and when I wake up, I feel like I’ve slept for days. A sense of absolute lightness, of rejuvenation. A truly unique experience.”


It represents the “Upgrade” model of our Original Mysa XXL Mat: the addition of special natural super-magnets with high therapeutic Gauss power makes it the most effective for solving, even more deeply, all the disorders already successfully treated by the mat with only micro-spikes.

It is therefore the best available for robust body types and heights above average, or for anyone who wants to experience the impressive “100% Mysa Total Body Intense Acupressure & Magneto-Therapy”!


And that’s not all: Magnetic Mysa XXL is even the only one divisible into 2 Magnetic Mysa mats since its special length is created by two Magnetic Mysa mats joinable through a special textile element. Magnetic Mysa XXL includes: two Magnetic Mysa mats (the most performing version that combines naturopathic acupressure and magnetic therapy), and the special cotton ribbon and Velcro to firmly join the two mats. With 5 bags! A splendid Extra Large XXL bag, two single canvas bags with a shoulder strap (one for each mat), and two Waterproof bags with handles!


Mysa is the only Medical Device approved at the European Community level, included in the EUDAMED List. 100% Swedish design, CE Mark.


Important: 100% vegetable MySalus padding: no rubber foam, latex, or buckwheat. 100% cotton in “Mysa Organic Orange” and anallergic and non-toxic ABS spikes. No glue. Maximum quality of materials in every detail. 33 pyramid-shaped spikes: no lotus flowers or useless floral motifs.


With 32 naturopathic super-magnets (nothing electrical!), arranged along the entire mat, with special polarity and high Gauss power.

If you buy it now, you’ll get a year of MySa Tutorial:


Reserved area with illustrated explanations, weekly sheets, professional consultations, invitations to events and courses, and ad hoc instructions that will lead you to your complete well-being!

Title: Magnetic Mysa XXL Acupressure Mat – The Ultimate in Acupressure Stimulation and Natural Magneto-Therapy


Experience the ultimate in acupressure stimulation combined with the maximum therapeutic power of natural magneto-therapy, guaranteed by 32 powerful super magnets.


The largest and most powerful area to make you feel a sense of well-being and “sink” in a way without pain and tension. It’s worth trying.

Try it, you will be thrilled! It is equipped with a length of 150 cm, making it the longest on the market, ensuring maximum and widespread therapeutic capacity (pain relief and relaxation), as it doubles all the features that have made the authentic Magnetic Mysa the best and most performing acupressure and magneto-therapy mat in the world over the years.


“A well-being that pervades your entire body, a lightness that you carry with you all day long!”

“Two powerful natural therapies here, at their maximum myo-relaxing power, and in perfect synergy. I use it successfully on my patients.”

Are you over 158 cm (women) or 170 cm (men)? Here is the only choice for you.


It is therefore the only one that guarantees complete simultaneous acupressure and magneto-therapy stimulation on all trigger points for women from 158 to 170 cm and for men from 170 to 184 cm, providing a unique and unprecedented experience of well-being that will touch every single millimeter of your body, providing a widespread sensation of psycho-physical relaxation that you will feel for the first time in the world on every part of your body, even if you have a robust body structure and a height above 170 cm (women) and 184 cm (men).


“A unique sensation, an unprecedented experience…try it!”

If you try it, you won’t be able to do without it! It is a veritable “flood” of endorphins and oxytocin: a totalizing, deep, definitive feeling of well-being that has never been achieved before with common acupressure mats. Trust in the top model of Mysa, in the Extra-Large version!

“I always carry it with me everywhere, while traveling, in the gym, at work”

you ca divide it in two Magnetic Mysa mats, foldable into 4, and transportable in its XXL MySack bag made of 100% natural materials!

You will have two waterproof bags + two cotton bags, and the XXL MySack bag to contain everything!


“What immense, profound well-being! You will sink into a world of relaxation, goodbye tensions, with total relief from physical and psycho-emotional stress!”

Here is the Extra-Long XXL version of the Magnetic Mysa mat, the best-known by specialists for being the most performing in the Mysa family!


With this unprecedented Extra-Long XXL version, we double all the features that have made Magnetic Mysa the best-selling and most performing mat in terms of relaxation and therapy, namely: the best design of its patented Mysa micro-points, the best density of 100% plant-based padding (no foam rubber!), the presence of super-beneficial bio-magnets with negative polarity of great gauss value, as well as the top quality of materials: everything is doubled here!

Represents also the best mat for plantar reflexology!

“I use it by walking barefoot on it, the well-being immediately hits my brain, and I feel it passing through all my organs, and it stays with me for a long time. I love it!”


A meter and a half of reflexology path: walk on the Magnetic Mysa XXL, and your body will reset!

Those who love themselves, leave behind cheap imitations, but choose the best, and double it, right away. Enter the world of natural well-being of Mysa.


During each session on the Magnetic Mysa XXL, you can be sure that the relevant reflexology points will certainly be stimulated: the certainty that the body will benefit from it, because all the relevant trigger points and meridians will undoubtedly be stimulated, according to the ancient principles of acupuncture, digitopressure, and magneto-therapy.

“We have collaborated, as experts in pain therapy, with Mysa for the creation of the most performant mat. I would say that with the Magnetic Mysa XXL we have achieved levels never possible before. Tested on dozens of patients, the results were timely, constant, and I would say definitely above expectations. They report sensations never felt before with common mats (…)”

The certainty of feeling good, the certainty of relying on the most beloved and recognized Swedish experience in the world.

The certainty that your body deserves only Mysa, because it is your well-being, it is your quality of life, no compromises, treat yourself to the best, right away!

Materials and features


Do you want to know if this model is the best for you? Take the test.

and discover the Mysa for you right away!

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