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If sports activities, spending long hours in the car or at the desk, or stress have led to the accumulation of widespread contractures, combine the mat with a pillow: you will have the ideal solution to ensure the most widespread and ergonomic acupressure. And if you also combine magnetotherapy, all the relevant reflexology points will be stimulated to their maximum: a shower of endorphins will be released, guaranteeing you enormous relief.

Tensions will melt away, like snow in the sun, from the sacral to the lumbar, up to the cervical area… you’ll start again with a sense of lightness like never before!

Il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro l'artrosi dorsale


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

86% have significantly alleviated pain
82% have released all tensions
92% experience greater flexibility
97% would recommend it for releasing contractures

What relaxation! A true bed of well-being

Feel the tensions melting away all over your body

You’ll feel the “pleasant pain” of the microtips sinking into the contracted muscles, releasing them along the entire spine: the beneficial acupressure action will give you a huge sense of relief and relaxation, “lightening the loads,” i.e., restoring the right pressure on the spinal discs.

The decontracting action will work from the critical lumbar-sacral area to the cervical area, where the heatable pillow’s ergonomics come into play.

Blood circulation and the stimulation of nerve impulses reach their peak here: endorphin production, our natural painkiller, is most pronounced and widespread in Mysa, along the entire spine, to provide you with cellular oxygenation and hydration of the spinal discs, essential for slowing degenerative processes, discopathies, or other myalgias.

A sense of widespread relaxation will pervade your body and mind… giving you a sense of renewed lightness that will accompany you throughout the day (if used in the morning), or inducing immediate and deep sleep if you lie down with your Mysa in the evening.

From the neck to the sacral area: absolute relaxation

No more tensions, no more painful contractures

The first choice for you is the Thermo Mysa Duo, a product that has successfully helped both athletes and more sedentary individuals relieve muscle tension and diffuse contractures.

Thermo Mysa Duo is the world’s only product to guarantee the natural action of over 10,000 points, with perfect density, and the pleasure of warmth, an excellent ally that has always been used for its natural ability to stimulate blood circulation, inducing beneficial local hyperemia, with a complete relaxing and myo-relaxing action!

The wonderful sensation of the 100% Mysalus Mysa® plant-based interior, along with the beneficial and pleasant warmth, complete the experience: perfectly distributed acupressure density along the entire spine, breathable skin, sweat and dust won’t stagnate! The top choice on the market for you and for the environment… thank you, Sweden!


Just a few minutes, stretching the entire body

For total relief and an unexpected sense of lightness

Want an even more immediate, conclusive, and comprehensive action? Well, then also rely on the naturopathic magnetotherapy of the splendid and innovative ThermoMag Mysa Duo!

You’ll have dozens of special permanent biomagnets (exclusive Mysa!…) located on both the mat and the pillow, with precise naturopathic negative polarity, medium gauss strength, and precise arrangement, from the sacral area along the spine, to treat all the trigger points also located on the shoulders and cervical area.

Magnetotherapy enhances the action of the microtips, acting determinedly on all the contractures present on your body, thanks to its cellular re-polarizing action, stimulating vascularization and cellular oxygenation.

Consider the extra-long XXL versions if you have a larger build, or if you want an action that extends to the back of the thighs, calves, and soles of the feet.

If diffuse contractures aren’t your only issue, discover the right Mysa for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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Here are the two Mysa gems, ideal for relieving diffuse contractures:

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  • Thermomag Mysa Duo

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