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The Original Mysa Mat has established itself over the years as a valuable ally in alleviating symptoms of both mild and acute low back pain, so much so that it has become a Medical Device and has been approved by Clinical Studies, specifically for low back pain and pain in the back and joints.

Our internal tests have then shown a further, decisive, greater benefit derived from combining Magnetotherapy with acupressure: (+18%*) reported on the perception of disappearance or significant reduction of pain in the lower back (soothing and de-contracting effect) by users of our “superior” mat, the Magnetic Mysa.
Here, Mysa is truly unbeatable! Read here why.
il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro la lombalgia


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

87% perceive much less pain
82% have improved their quality of life
95% experience much greater flexibility
97% would recommend it for low back pain

Mysa was born for low back pain. Swedish Reliability and Expertise.

Acupressure for a strong analgesic and myo-relaxing action

Back pain is caused by many factors, usually of a mechanical nature, from sudden traumas or incorrect repetitive efforts.

Among natural remedies, acupressure can prove to be one of the most reliable thanks to its recognized ability to stimulate the release of beta-endorphins (our natural “painkiller”) and blood circulation in the affected area, increasing hyperemia (local temperature) and thus relaxing the musculature, with an analgesic effect.

Another advantage of Mysa’s acupressure, compared to many other therapies, is that it has no harmful side effects, does not require the intake of medications, and can be practiced in a “static” manner without the need for physical exercises.

The microtip stimulation will send mechanical signals to the spinal level and to the brain, which in response blocks the perception of pain locally, and produces local hyperemia, relaxing the musculature and stimulating blood circulation.

The secret lies in the 33-point flowers, with superior relaxing capacity

And, for low back pain, the addition of biomagnets makes it unbeatable.

As mentioned, our exclusive Magnetic Mysa mat is the one that has been shown to provide superior benefits specifically for issues in the lumbar region.

We believe that this interesting result is due to the very mode of use of Magnetic Mysa and probably also to the soothing effect of the special super-biomagnets “in the painful area,” i.e., located in the sacral and lumbar area.

These precious cylindrical biomagnets, with high natural negative gauss power (not electric!), rebalancing, relaxing, de-contracting, and soothing, are entirely natural, hypoallergenic, and have been expertly arranged along the spinal tract, precisely intended to maximize the beneficial effect of naturopathic magnetotherapy in the lumbar area.

When you lay your back on your Mysa, the relaxing effect is felt (…indeed, it is felt!): the tensions dissolve, a sense of warmth and relaxation pervades the entire back, both progressively, rapidly, and lastingly.

Two powerful natural allies: Acupressure and Magnetotherapy

To provide you with hundreds of treatments for your back, at the cost of just one massage!

Over time, Magnetic Mysa has become the most used Mysa by professionals and experts in the field to treat low back pain and pain in the lumbar-sacral region.

In fact, in addition to its recognized effectiveness worldwide, guaranteed by the famous, exclusive 33-point Mysa acupressure flowers, its superior quality has always been appreciated, provided by its 100% natural plant-based filling (MySalus Mysa®).

It proves to be the only one that guarantees perfect breathability and maintains a decisive and well-distributed density of acupressure over the entire treated body surface. (In addition, it’s environmentally friendly as it’s recyclable!).

If you have an above-average build, consider the extra-long XXL versions of the two mats. During the same session, you’ll be able to fully treat your lower limbs, as well as the neck and shoulders area: you’ll feel, to your great surprise, the enormous, widespread, total relaxation and pain relief!

If low back pain isn’t your only issue, discover the right Mysa for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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Here are the two Mysa models ideal for helping you alleviate low back pain: Original Mysa Magnetic Mysa

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