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Our two exclusive and super-famous Heatable Pillows, namely the Thermo Mysa Pillow and even more so, the ThermoMag Mysa Pillow (which also includes biomagnets), are a decidedly effective, natural, and immediate solution for whiplash injuries.

Here we explain how they work to restore full mobility in a short time.

il miglior cuscino per  agopressione contro il colpo di frusta


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

76% have significantly alleviated pain
81% have regained full mobility
76% have resumed sports activities
95% would recommend it for whiplash injuries

Many, many endorphins for an analgesic and relaxing action

And a lot of blood circulation, for the restoration of damaged fibers

Whiplash is the trauma that often involves stretching the muscles, the cervical-nuchal ligaments, and nerve structures. Additionally, the cervical-nuchal muscles contract for pain relief purposes, leading to stiffness and limitation of the joint capacities of the cervical spine.

Acupressure (preferably combined with Magnetotherapy) can help in all stages of treatment, manifesting a natural anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and muscle-relaxing action without the harmful side effects typical of pharmacological treatments.

The action of acupressure has an analgesic effect as it stimulates the release of endogenous endorphins, countering the production of adrenaline, cortisol, and noradrenaline—hormones produced in situations of physical or inflammatory pain and stress, such as whiplash injuries.

Furthermore, it delivers a rapid myo-relaxing action on local muscles (through blood circulation), allowing the reconstruction of damaged muscle fibers and ligaments.

An additional super-ally: magnetotherapy

To maximize the analgesic and cellular regeneration action

Magnetotherapy would play a very important role in accelerating the reparative processes of our body, enhancing the body’s defenses through cellular repolarization, with an anti-stress action, regenerating damaged cells by improving enzymatic kinetics, thus restoring homeostatic balance (bio-regenerative, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous action).

Moreover, both acupressure and magnetotherapy would stimulate sleep, which is important when whiplash disrupts both the falling asleep phase and nighttime rest or causes anxiety. Heat can also be used to create blood circulation (hyperemia), which relaxes the muscles before performing exercises to regain range of motion.

At the beginning of treatment, a sense of pain and even dizziness may be felt, as well as dizziness at the nape (as the organ of balance). Use Mysa for 5-10 minutes every day, then gradually increase the time and frequency of each session as soon as a decrease in such pain or dizziness is noticed, up to about 30 minutes per session, still on a daily basis.

Ergonomics, softness, warmth

Designed to relieve tension and pain with maximum comfort

In addition to the softness and ergonomics of the spelt pillow, compared to other rigid supports or pillows, the exclusive 33-point Mysa flowers are decisive here, as they guarantee maximum acupressure stimulation, limiting the perceived sense of pain. Hyperalgesia (excessive painful response to pressure) is indeed one of the issues faced by those who have experienced whiplash.

If the best has to be, we have it: It’s the ThermoMag Mysa Pillow, a heatable pillow equipped with precious naturopathic biomagnets with medium gauss polarity, permanent and stable fields, arranged according to the principles of naturopathic magnetotherapy to act on the nape.

A fabulous product in its completeness. The magnetic fields interact here with cells, promoting the recovery of physiological balance conditions.

It stimulates cellular exchange, increases oxygenation and the supply of nutrients to regenerate tissues, reduces inflammation, increases capillary flow, and repolarizes energy-depleted cells.

If whiplash isn’t your only discomfort, discover the Mysa for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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