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Stuck in traffic for hours? Another heavy workday? Office tensions?

The reasons for stress are numerous… and by the end of the day, they all take their toll on both the mind and body.

Rediscover your serenity, your positive thoughts, with the Original Mysa and the super mat: Magnetic Mysa!

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro i blocchi energetici


After 30 days of usage, Mysa users report:

83% have reduced anxiety attacks by at least half
82% experience increased vitality
78% feel more positive
81% wake up with a more positive attitude

The finest mat, with the best dedicated online tutorial.

Let yourself be guided towards an increasingly positive attitude.

Week after week… Tensions and rigidity build up in the body, especially in the shoulders and neck. It seems we’re no longer capable of relaxing, of resetting our minds, which are now accustomed to constant struggle and defense.

It’s time to dedicate a few minutes to yourself... just to yourself… and you’ll return home more serene, if Mysa is there!

Our Original Mysa mat, with its special online Yoga tutorial, yoga asanas, usage guides, targeted exercises, and guided meditation, is designed for this purpose.

It’s like having a friend at home, beside you, speaking to you when you want, especially when you’re alone… guiding you step by step toward moments of absolute relaxation, releasing physical and mental tensions, allowing you to reconnect with yourself, setting the pace naturally.

Bid farewell to grey thoughts, feelings of discouragement, and the oppressive sense of fatigue in facing the day.

Step into the world of Mysa well-being.

A wonderful journey, with your Mysa, towards thought control practices.

What immense relief for your muscles and mind, and what a surprise it will be to discover “Mysa Chakra Yoga” and Mysa’s Guided Meditation! A few minutes of serenity and positivity that linger throughout the day, a mental smile you thought you had lost. All this while the micro-points of acupressure take care of the tensions in your back.

Our remarkable Original Mysa, the best-seller in Europe, signifies positivity, a return to bright and eager thoughts, full of the desire to live and trust in the future. Lying on the Mysa mat will lift you from grey and oppressive thoughts, propelling you towards a more open, confident, and positive attitude. Is it the endorphins? The oxytocin? The opportunity to be alone with oneself?

When acupressure is enhanced by magnet therapy and online guidance.

Your journey towards positivity will be both pleasurable and astonishing.

Treat yourself to the product carefully crafted by the Mysa team, in collaboration with experts in Meditation and positive thinking: the Magnetic Mysa.

With the addition of special bio-magnets, its relaxing and stress-relieving capabilities reach heights unattainable with regular acupressure mats. The stimulation for the release of well-being and positivity hormones is maximized, leaving a truly pleasant impression every time you spend a few minutes meditating on it.

All of this is further enhanced by the invaluable advice found in the professional online tutorial, which explains and describes, position by position, some of the 144 asanas, all new and wonderfully designed. This is how you can get the most out of Mysa and reclaim bright and positive thoughts.

Additionally, the included Guided Meditation audio on Mysa opens up this world… from the comfort of your home. Perhaps this is the opportunity to reclaim yourself… and leave the outside world behind!

If you have an above-average build, we recommend the XXL version of these two mats. You will experience the unique and astonishing “Mysa 100% Total Body Acupressure experience,” and the relief of mental tensions will be immediately and doubly profound.

If mental negativity is not your sole concern, discover the Mysa mat that’s right for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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  • Original Mysa Acupressure Mat

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  • Magnetic Mysa: Spike Mat for Magnet Therapy

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