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The action of Mysa’s acupressure (already effective on its own but significantly enhanced when combined with magnet therapy) is exerted in cases of scoliosis by increasing blood flow near the spine, resulting in a greater supply of nutrients and oxygen to the intervertebral discs.

The exclusive ergonomic and heatable mats, ErgonoMysa and ErgonoMag Mysa (with bio-magnets as well), most effectively fulfill this function. Read here to understand how they work.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro l'ipercifosi


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

84% have noticed improved posture
87% have improved their quality of life
94% have alleviated pain and contractions
98% consider it the most effective for scoliosis

Targeted acupressure action

To stimulate an endorphin surge exactly where you need it

Acupressure can provide pain relief by mechanically stimulating the spinal nerves through widespread contact across the back. This stimulation triggers the release of beta-endorphins in response to the mechanical signal, effectively blocking the perception of pain along the spine.

This natural approach can be particularly beneficial for individuals with severe scoliosis. It offers relief without the need for chemical creams, medications, or other remedies that may have harmful side effects.

Mysa can also help relax and increase the flexibility of the back muscles along the spinal column, helping to “lighten the load” and make the spine more mobile and flexible, thus promoting better posture.

The added magnet therapy’s effects complement acupressure, resulting in a unique, all-natural product.

Acupressure, Magnet Therapy, Heat, Ergonomics

Never before have these 4 powerful features been combined

Scoliosis often causes discomfort and physical fatigue as muscles work to compensate for the spinal deformity. In cases of muscle spasms causing pain, heat can alleviate the pain, calm the spasms, and reduce joint stiffness.

In collaboration with Rakuten FiosioLab, Mysa has developed a special corrective pad, the Mysa Hot ErgonoPad, to be inserted into the mats, making them 100% ergonomic and heatable. This is how both ErgonoMysa and its bio-magnet-enhanced version, ErgonoMag Mysa, were created.

This ergonomic and heatable corrector pad can be perfectly accommodated within the mat itself, adapting to individual postural issues and conforming to the curvatures of every back, even the most challenging ones. This ensures a perfectly correct and harmonious position, allowing the body to fully relax and easing all tensions, particularly in the back and neck muscles.

A product created specifically for those suffering from scoliosis.

Perfect local adherence, for a targeted and powerful treatment

Another feature that sets this “Ergonomic” version apart is its special density and softness, allowing comfortable use even for those with significant irregularities. The heatable property contributes to an analgesic, muscle-relaxing, and de-contracting effect, making Mysa’s ergonomic mat line the most effective in terms of mechanical acupressure and magnet therapy.

In the case of scoliosis, it’s not recommended to use generic and non-ergonomic imitations. These often force users into incorrect positions or even require makeshift and inadequate cushions, resulting in muscle tensions and ineffective contact with the microtips, causing discomfort.

If you have an above-average build, consider both the extra-long XXL version of these two ergonomic mats and pairing them with the Mysa Pillow. This will allow you to treat your cervical area, which is often affected by rigidity, pain, and misalignment due to scoliosis.

If scoliosis isn’t your only concern, discover the right Mysa for you using the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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