Simple, natural and effective!

If you often experience back or neck pain, if your muscles feel stiff and tense, if you suffer from poor blood circulation or cellulite, if you feel stressed, fatigued or find it hard to fall asleep, or if you simply want to enjoy a few minutes of deep relaxation, there is a Mysa mat perfectly suited to your needs!

Mysa is for the manager who wants to relieve the stress accumulated during the day, the working mother who wishes to treat herself to moments of total relaxation, the athlete with his aches and pains, but also for the health practitioner and whoever feels fatigued or finds it hard to fall asleep. Mysa benefits everyone in a completely natural way!

Whoever you are and whatever you do, Mysa has thought of you and has created a model suited to your individual needs, improving it over time.

Use your Mysa mat as often as you wish. Lie on it for just a few minutes in the comfort of your own home and, for the price of a single massage, you will be able to enjoy the countless benefits of acupressure for the whole day, every day, forever! No electricity and no obscure substances to ingest, but simply a small mat (or pillow) made of cotton and eco-friendly natural fibres. 

The secret of its effectiveness is quite straightforward and lies in the special 33-tip “florets” dotting its cover. Lie on them and let them work their magic on the area of your body you wish to target. They will ease off muscle tension, relieve stress and treat you to moments of unparalleled relaxation that will last for the whole day. And if you use your Mysa acupressure mat in the evening before bedtime, they will help you fall into an immediate and refreshing sleep!

A resounding success, an immediate response, thousands of enthusiastic users: after Sweden, it is now being discovered all over the world!

Known in Sweden as “spikmattan”, it became extremely successful in just a few months, with thousands of keen users popularizing it by word of mouth.

Its popularity reached such a level that, in 2009, it was named “Christmas Gift of the Year” by the prestigious Swedish Institute of Retail (HUI).

With so many similar products now available on the market, why choose Mysa?





If you find another acupressure mat with even just half of the following characteristics, let us know and we will send you a complimentary Mysa!

1. CE Mark 

2. Perfectly uniform, effective acupressure

3. Special, proprioception-enhancing, 33-tip florets

4. Effective, pyramid-shaped tips: no petals or lotus flowers…

5. Several different models to choose among

6. All-natural, eco-friendly, Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding

7. Organic spelt-chaff padding (Thermo Pillows)

8. Over 87% plant-based and recyclable materials

9. No middlemen: you buy directly from us

10. Personal knowledge of all suppliers and manufacturing plants

11. Direct line to our Mysa experts

12. No foam rubber or other by-products of crude oil

13. Non-inflatable

14. Hand-washable, natural cotton cover

15. “Mysa Quality & Design” label

16. 30-day trial period

And there’s more…

17. Lifetime warranty 

18. Patents on many models and components

19. Mysa collection and recycling scheme

20. No toxic glues used

21. Optimal ergonomic design (“Mysa Balanced Density Ratio”) 

22. Complimentary Mysack canvas bag

23. Complimentary waterproof case

24. User guide enclosed

25. Twenty-one in-house tests performed on all models

26. Named “Christmas Gift of the Year” by the Swedish Institute of Retail (HUI)

27. Possibility to pair all Mysa mats with our pillows

28. Possibility to combine acupressure with magnet therapy

29. Possibility to combine acupressure with heat therapy (thermotherapy)

30. Possibility to combine acupressure with cold therapy (cryotherapy)

31. Possibility to combine acupressure with crystal healing

32. Possibility to combine acupressure with meditation thanks to our guided meditation CD

33. Possibility to power up your yoga thanks to our Mysa Chakra Yoga method