The authentic Swedish
Acupressure Mat

Holistic Mysa


Holistic Mysa means Mysa for body, mind and soul


A holistic approach that incorporates Western functional gymnastics (to improve your balance and take care of your body) and Eastern disciplines (to rebalance your energy channels and take care of your thoughts).


Many disciplines find an ideal companion in our Mysa mat. It is a most trusted ally to boost meridian stimulation, open the chakras and perform poses in a more effective way (thanks to a firmer anchorage to the ground), resulting in improved muscle relaxation.  

Discovered, conceived and taught by experts who love Mysa

A lot of teachers of yoga, pilates, functional and postural gymnastics, shiatsu and other Eastern disciplines have contributed to devising our methodologies and group classes. They immediately realized that all these practices and our Mysa mat would form a perfectly symbiotic combination.

Through Mysa, you will enter the world of total wellbeing, taking care of every aspect of your body, mind and soul .


Mysa Mat