Headache can be a symptom of countless underlying conditions (muscle tension, stress, cervical osteoarthritis, vascular disease, allergies, neuralgias, low levels of serotonin, excessive production of prostaglandins, etc.).

Acupressure and heat therapy can nonetheless help relieve it thanks to their analgesic, muscle-relaxing and circulation-boosting properties. The combined action of these two natural therapies (three with the addition of magnet therapy) is ideally suited to relieve headache, especially when the latter is caused by stress, muscle stiffness or neck tension (tension-type headache). Our acupressure pillows have been specifically designed to help relieve this type of headache.

It is particularly important to target the back of the neck in order to increase the flow of blood to the area (which will result in a muscle-relaxing sensation of warmth) and encourage the brain to release beta-endorphins (which will greatly reduce the perception of pain).


Thanks to our innovative “little spiky pillow”, in fact, we are now able to target the neck much more effectively and in a truly ergonomic manner. Furthermore, the analgesic effect of heat therapy (used for centuries to treat headache) will enhance the benefits of acupressure and so will the organic spelt chaff the pillow is stuffed with. Spelt chaff is indeed renowned for its pain-relieving properties, thanks to its extremely high content (over 90%) of silicic acid. 

Our in-house tests have found our Mysa Thermo Pillow to be 26% more effective than ordinary heatable pillows in relieving headache caused by stress, osteoarthritis and muscle tension and 21% more effective than ordinary spike mats.

Nevertheless, such excellent results can be further improved by positioning negative-polarity bio-magnets on specific spots in the neck and shoulder region (which is exactly what happens when you rest your head on our Mysa ThermoMag Pillow).


Our  Mysa Thermo Pillow  is widely used to relax neck muscles and relieve headache. It is a well-known product, which has already helped thousands of users around the world.


Nonetheless, we have managed to improve it by making it even more effective: meet our new and exclusive  Mysa ThermoMag Pillow .

The importance of both acupressure and heat to relieve headache is universally recognizedThe addition of naturopathic magnet therapy may directly affect thecentral nervous system, improving blood circulation and metabolism. According to many theories, in fact, one of the most frequent causes of headache is the narrowing of blood vessels (aka vasoconstriction). This has led numerous experts to utilize stable-field bio-magnets to relieve headache, dizziness and neck stiffness.

Magnet therapy is widely used in Japan (where “Magnetic Field Deficiency Syndrome” was first diagnosed in 1958) to restore homeostasis and cell equilibrium, and relieve headache too. Magnet therapy seems to be able to encourage detoxification and tissue regeneration, boosting microcirculation (with an attendant analgesic effect). The expertise of the Japanese has stood us in very good stead when identifying the correct polarity, power and positioning of our Mysa ThermoMag Pillow‘s bio-magnets.

The two Mysa gems to help relieve Headache: