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Thermo Mysa Duo XXL: Original Mysa Mat XXL + Mysa Thermo Pillow

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Limited availability!

Thermo Mysa Duo XXL: Original Mysa Mat XXL + Mysa Thermo Pillow

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The Thermo Mysa Duo XXL set is the largest acupressure mat and pillow set in the world

Measuring 180 cm in length for total wellness, suitable for all body types.

By combining the world’s longest mat with the famous Mysa Heatable Pillow, you get the widest and most ergonomic acupressure area in the world.

15,000 microtips to treat every single centimeter of your body, from the neck to the soles of your feet!


The benefits of acupressure are immense: 180 cm of acupressure, with thermotherapy, from the neck (where you have the softness and warmth of the pillow) all the way down your back, buttocks, legs, and to your feet.

Even those who are tall and “robust” can experience the most ergonomic and therapeutic acupressure support, with the never-before-felt sensation of “100% Total Body Intense Acupressure”.

In just one session, you can treat cervical pain, lower back pain, sciatica, psychophysical stress, insomnia, chronic fatigue, poor circulation, cellulite, muscle tension, fatigue from sports and stressful life, cellular oxygenation, and other widespread disorders, thanks to its enormous acupressure stimulation capacity combined with the natural benefits of heat.

This set is ideal for all body types and those who want maximum efficacy and have widespread issues or want to treat themselves to the famous sensation of psychophysical well-being and relaxation, now a legendary feeling that only the original Mysa, with its acupressure density, specific design of micropoints, and maximum therapeutic capacity can provide in the market.

The Thermo Mysa Duo XXL set is made up of three components: Two Original Mysa Mats + One Pillow. The set is portable in its Special XXL MySack bag made of 100% natural materials. Alternatively, you can use the mats and pillow separately or apply them to different parts of the body.


Only the authentic Swedish Mysa has a design recognized for its maximum therapeutic capacity, which has allowed Mysa to be recognized as a Class I CE Medical Device by the European Community EUDAMED body. Scientific studies have definitively and clinically demonstrated the relaxing and analgesic efficacy of Mysa.


The extra-large version of Mysa is the best choice for those who want to experience maximum wellness immediately. At 180 cm, this set has never been achieved before. It comes from the experience of the Swedish Mysa brand, with over one million mats sold worldwide, and the best acupressure and padding density.


The set can be used in a thousand different positions and combinations, even with the three elements separated. Both the pillow and the two mats (whether together or separated) can be used simultaneously by multiple people, or you can place one mat next to the other to work on specific areas or for particularly bulky body types. You can also use the heated pillow for foot reflexology while sitting on the couch with the XXL Mat over your shoulders, back, buttocks, and legs.


Over 15,000 microtips will flood your body with endorphins and other hormones for wellness, total relaxation, serenity, mental and physical release, thanks to the best and most homogeneous acupressure action on every single centimeter of your body, on all muscle chains, especially the maximum stimulation of all trigger points and acupuncture meridians.


The best, born from the company that knows acupressure best, known for years by all specialists and experts in natural therapies.


No other acupressure mat + pillow set, or copies of Mysa, even in versions that try to extend its length to the maximum, can remotely guarantee the therapeutic and relaxing benefits of this complete extra-large set of the authentic Swedish Mysa, the only one to be recognized as a Medical Device.


What immense well-being! Follow the Mysa Tutorial, which will guide you to total well-being and complete healing: Mysa doesn’t leave you alone!


All this certifies that, if you want the most widespread and evenly distributed acupressure, therefore the most effective in terms of analgesic, relaxing, and stimulating the circulation, this is the choice for you, as it combines, with the extra-long Original Mysa XXL mat, the special heatable Thermo Mysa Pillow, considered for years as the best heatable pillow for the cervical spine on the market.


The only one that will make you experience the “100% Total Body Intense Acupressure Mysa” that only its over 15,000 microtips can make you experience!


Trust your well-being to the Swedes: everyone tries to copy Mysa, but no one has ever achieved its recognized analgesic and relaxing capacity!


No petroleum-derived foam, no glue, no latex, no mites, no hard wheat, no cheap copies!


All on the famous natural 100% vegetable mix MySalus Mysa surface, equipped with the perfect Balanced Density Ratio Mysa density to treat the whole body, combined with the special softness and ergonomics of the pillow, with stuffing in Tuscan organic farro husk, heatable to combine acupressure with thermal therapy: the two best allies for relaxation.

The top for your health, and the top for the planet… A truly Scandinavian product, truly Mysa!


  • The only one: EUDAMED Medical Device
  • The only one: Proven by Clinical Studies
  • The only one: 180 cm, and over 15,000 tips for all body types
  • The only one: With a heatable neck pillow
  • The only one: with 33 pyramidal tip flowers
  • The only one: to provide you with the Tutorial, and to assist you personally for any need
  • The only one that will make you experience the “100% Total Body Intense Acupressure Mysa”
  • In short: the most loved and sold in the world, the authentic Swedish Mysa



What an impressive feeling of immense and deep physical and mental well-being! Whoever tries Mysa cannot do without it anymore!

The support for the neck is by far the most optimal for releasing tension: cervical area, neck, trapezius, and shoulders, where tensions are most concentrated.

At the same time, the beneficial relaxing and analgesic action of the thousands and thousands of microtips of the extra-long Original Mysa XXL mat acts on the rest of the body, with the maximum natural relaxing and anti-pain effect

The most beloved and sold acupressure mat in the world, the authentic Swedish Mysa XXL Acupressure Mat. It provides an impressive feeling of deep physical and mental well-being! Once you try Mysa, you won’t be able to live without it!


The optimal support for the neck is perfect for relaxing the cervical, neck, trapezius, and shoulder areas, which are the areas where the most tension accumulates. At the same time, the beneficial relaxing and analgesic action of thousands and thousands of micropoints of the Original Mysa XXL Extra-Long Mat acts on the entire body, providing maximum natural relaxation and pain relief, relieving tension, stimulating microcirculation, and blocking pain perception, thanks to the huge amount of endorphins and oxytocin induced by the simultaneous mechanical stimulation of a never-before-reached number of micropoints for acupressure.


You and your family can treat all kinds of conditions, such as back pain, cellulite, insomnia, stress, cervical pain, chronic fatigue, and many others. It is a Registered Medical Device approved at the European Community level and included in the EUDAMED list.

And this is even if you are taller than average: it represents the only and absolute choice currently on the market for those who are over 172 cm (women) and 182 cm (men). Moreover, you will get the maximum guaranteed widespread acupressure effect if you are over 160 cm (women) and 175 cm (men). It is the only one that guarantees the experience of the “100% Total Body Intense Acupressure Mysa,” regardless of your size and body type, with its over 15,000 beneficial Mysa pyramid micropoints.


Unique features:


  • 100% Swedish design, CE Mark
  • Important: MySalus 100% vegetable padding: does not contain rubber foam, latex, or buckwheat.
  • 100% cotton in “Mysa Organic Green” and non-allergenic and non-toxic ABS points.
  • No glue. Maximum quality of materials in every detail.
  • 33 pyramid-shaped point flowers: no lotus flowers or ineffective floral motifs.


You will have one year of professional Mysa Tutorial online, studied by Swedish professionals from Mysa Lab in collaboration with the Rakuten Sport & Wellness Worldwide Division. You can access the reserved area on the official website, with illustrated explanations, weekly sheets, professional consultations, invitations to events and courses, and ad hoc instructions that will lead you to your complete well-being!


You will also receive a free Mysa Guided Meditation Audio: over 50 minutes of guidance on regenerating your psycho-physical state during your Mysa sessions, with asanas for practicing yoga on the mat: the famous Mysa Chakra Yoga!


You will enter the world of immense Swedish natural well-being of Mysa, a world of pain relief, relaxation, vitality, and quality of life regained in the most natural and surprising way!


The impressive acupressure power is clear: you will be lying on 472 flowers, for a total of 15,576 beneficial Mysa pyramid micropoints! It folds up accordion-style and can be stored in a bag: there are 6 bags included! A beautiful XXL Extra-Large Bag, two single canvas bags with shoulder strap (one for each mat), and 3 Waterproof bags with handles: two for each mat, one for the pillow!


It is 180 cm long, which is well over one meter (!) longer than the longest acupressure mats in the world. The Thermo Mysa Duo XXL Set includes: 2 Original Mysa mats, a special cotton strap with Velcro to attach the two mats, and a Thermo Mysa pillow, attachable with Velcro: unique in the world, it’s Mysa!


Convenient and practical, you can take it with you wherever you want, and store it anywhere! It consists of 3 elements that can be joined with Velcro, which become two separate Original Mysa Mats (which can also be conveniently folded in half), and a Thermo Mysa pillow: everything can be stored in the special 100% cotton MysaSack XXL bag, taking up very little space.


Enjoy foot reflexology while treating all other areas of your body, including the shoulders and neck! You can even give yourself a foot reflexology session by resting the soles of your feet while lying down, from your glutes to your back, or while sitting on the couch, by resting your feet on the pillow: it’s like having three massagers working for you simultaneously!


So, why should you have the complete Thermo Mysa Duo XXL Extra Large Set in your home, starting tomorrow, right away? If you want the best for your whole body and mind, combine the best acupressure, the perfect analgesic and relaxing density, the naturalness and breathability of 100% cotton and the 100% eco-vegetable fiber padding, with the unprecedented, unique, unattainable length of Mysa XXL: your body, your mind, the quality of your life, your energy, will thank you forever!

And it’s the only one in the world that will give you the incredible experience of “100% Total Body Intese Acupressure Mysa”.


Materials and features


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