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Every Mysa employee is encouraged to take a break from office work every three hours to loosen up a bit, engage in movement, and physical exercise, in dedicated rooms within our Stockholm offices.

A bike ride, a bit of gymnastics, and plenty of yoga and meditation. This helps maintain an elastic and responsive physique while also controlling weight. It leads to inner harmony and fosters team spirit (…and work efficiency!). Read here how the Original Mysa mat and, even more so, the advanced model: Magnetic Mysa, can provide significant assistance to your weight control activities.

tapis d’acupression maîtriser le poids


After 30 days of usage, Mysa users report:

81% experience more enjoyment in physical activity
84% have started to tone their bodies
79% have improved their perception of their own bodies
89% would recommend it for weight control

A balanced and holistic approach to weight management.

The results are supporting our approach.

Excess in itself is harmful. Therefore, weight control should not be obsessive. It is not about being slim, but rather being well-trained, harmonious, and flexible. Weight should be managed to prevent excesses that could lead to complications.

At Mysa, we understand the futility of extreme and depressing diets, or strenuous and frustrating physical exercises.

Those who are part of the Mysa community value consistent and moderate physical activity done for the pleasure it brings, the joy it provides, and the stimulation of well-being hormones, without the ultimate goal of overly muscular or excessively thin physiques.

This sense of moderation also extends to diet, leisure, and professional activities. Mysa enthusiasts bike to the office, embrace a vegetarian diet, practice meditation, and choose yoga. This is why we invested in creating “Mysa Chakra Yoga”, a unique yoga practice on the Mysa mat, developed in collaboration with one of the foremost experts in both Mysa and yoga.

Stimulation for the release of well-being hormones.

Stimulation for metabolism.

Those who embrace Mysa opt for yoga, practice physical exercise in moderation, with daily consistency and joy.

The love and results we achieved with the acupressure mat, combined with the benefits of yoga, form a fantastic synergy.

This is why we wanted to develop a series of exercises that could enable you to easily engage in harmonious and highly beneficial physical activity to boost metabolism and ensure a consistent, enduring, and concrete calorie consumption.

All this is accompanied by the necessary joy that Mysa Chakra Yoga can provide, through the invigorating effect of stimulating endorphins and oxytocin release, as well as the accelerative potential of yoga itself, uniquely facilitated by the Mysa mat… Is this perhaps why we at Mysa all feel so good?

Acupressure, magnet therapy, and physical activity.

Mysa will assist you in body and mind control.

Our first recommendation goes to our celebrated Original Mysa. It’s a favorite among natural therapy specialists (and more). Acupressure already helps stimulate metabolism, encourages diuretic processes, and the elimination of toxins. It also prepares for physical exercise and assists in tissue elasticity and vascular stimulation, often compromised by a sedentary lifestyle.

For weight control, our choice turns towards yoga, and as a mat, the Magnetic Mysa, equipped with powerful negative polarity super-biomagnets.

This will help you approach this discipline or maximize its benefits. The online Mysa tutorial, with its illustrated asanas and special exercises on the Mysa mat, aids in mental relaxation while your Magnetic Mysa works to enhance muscle relaxation, whether before or after physical exercise. Start moving, increase your metabolism, re-energize your body, make it more flexible, elastic, and optimize your weight.

If weight control is not your sole objective, discover the right Mysa for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

Recommended products for this ailment

Here are the two recommended Mysa models to assist you in Weight Control:

  • Original Mysa Acupressure Mat

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  • Magnetic Mysa: Spike Mat for Magnet Therapy

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