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Do you often feel fatigued, drained of energy both physically and mentally?

For a complete invigorating and re-energizing effect, you need to rely on the maximum acupressure surface of the ThermoMysa Duo set. And if you add the super-biomagnets, you get a dynamic action on physical and mental functions, which becomes maximum: this is achieved only with the exclusive ThermoMag Mysa Duo.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro la fibromialgia


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

82% experienced increased energy after just 5 sessions
81% have improved productivity at work
91% have reduced daytime fatigue by at least half
82% would recommend Mysa to eliminate fatigue

For reinvigoration, you need the best mat with the best pillow.

Care in materials and configuration for immediate reactivation.

Take a moment to step down from the frantic whirlwind of work and family commitments and give yourself a few minutes. Just to yourself.

To “re-energize” in case of continuous fatigue and frequent lack of nerve energy, choose the most comprehensive product: Thermo Mysa Duo. It’s the Original Mysa mat plus the thermo pillow.

The action of acupressure will be total, and the intoxicating sensation of a body reawakening, with revitalized functions, will be complete.

To reset your body and your thoughts, treat yourself to the best gift: dissolve your tensions with the special 33-point pyramid flowers and lie down on the most beneficial natural fiber bed, with the warmth of the heatable pillow! This is it, for those experiencing fatigue – the most comprehensive acupressure relaxation beds on the market: the greatest number of points for a maximally immediate decontracting and deeply relaxing effect. With the pleasure of the soft heatable pillow in perfect contact with the nape of your neck – warm it up and… mmmhh… you’ll feel pure enjoyment!

Your quality of life deserves the best.

No compromises, to live life fully, in full energy.

The interior in MySalus Mysa® natural fiber (no foam rubber that traps dust and sweat and easily deteriorates…) will make you feel like you’re lying on a mountain meadow! Your body and the planet will thank you for choosing the top of the market!

Lie down on your bed with a blanket on top, and place the ThermoMysa Duo underneath you… a good book, relaxing music in the background (turn off your phone or put it on airplane mode…), and isolate yourself from the rest of the world for a while. After the initial minutes when the points make their presence felt on your back and neck… the initial discomfort will transform into a sense of diffuse warmth (microcirculation is activated)… from that moment on, you’ll feel like melting away.

Indulge like this for at least half an hour, perhaps drinking a bit of water from time to time to boost defatigating and inner rebalancing processes. Muscle and mental tension fade… you might feel drowsy and suddenly find yourself asleep, almost magically…

And if you enhance everything with natural magnet therapy.

The "booster" effect on your nerve energy will be evident and lasting.

Trust immediately in one of the flagship models of the Mysa Range: the ThermoMag Mysa Duo – Magnetic Mysa Mat plus Mysa ThermoMag Pillow.

Because even for fatigue, you achieve the maximum by dynamic interaction of all the effects listed above, also relying on naturopathic magnet therapy. It will work best, from the sacral area, along all the relevant points of the spinal tract, up to the important points to stimulate on the nape. A reactivation effect, cellular repolarization, and immediate and decisive re-energization. Just a few minutes on it, and the day awaits you with all your physical and mental resources.

After a particularly deep sleep, you wake up… mental and physical fatigue now gives way to a sense of lightness… a new energy pervades you. You’ll feel rebalanced in body and spirit.

P.S.: If you’re an IT professional, the idea might be better conveyed if we tell you that you’ll feel like you’ve been reformatted, reset… just as if you had turned off and then turned on your body.

If fatigue isn’t your only problem, discover the Mysa mat for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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