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Mysa has optimized the acupressure mat, making it ergonomic and heatable, thereby enhancing both its therapeutic effectiveness and comfort for those suffering from hyper-kyphosis or other irregularities in the spinal column’s conformation.

The ErgonoMysa mat, and its “upgrade” version, which includes bio-magnets, the ErgonoMag Mysa, have been favored for years by those affected by hyper-kyphosis.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro l'ipercifosi


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

82% have noticed a regularization of posture
83% have improved their quality of life
92% have alleviated pain and contractions
96% consider it the most effective for hyper-kyphosis

The world's most ergonomic and comfortable mat

Top support and grip for optimal acupressure performance

In all competitor mats and cheap imitations of Mysa, users with spinal irregularities often find themselves lying in unnatural and incorrect positions to achieve uniform and comfortable grip. This leads to muscular tension and uneven acupressure actions. These users often resort to placing “fake” elevations, like orthopedic cushions, in the lumbar and dorsal area, which lack proper configuration and density, and are not specifically designed for this purpose.

To address this, Mysa, in collaboration with Posturologists and Osteopaths, has developed a special ergonomic, heatable corrector pad to be placed inside the mat: the Mysa Hot ErgonoPad. Both the ErgonoMysa mat and its “upgrade” version with bio-magnets, ErgonoMag Mysa, are equipped with it.

Comfort, grip, density, warmth, acupressure action, magnet therapy

All allies to make your Mysa experience the most analgesic and relaxing

The ergonomic and heatable corrector Mysa Hot ErgonoPad can be perfectly accommodated within the mat itself, based on individual postural issues (lumbar or dorsal kyphosis, scoliosis), conforming to the curvatures of every back, even the most challenging ones. This ensures a perfectly correct and harmonious position, with the body fully relaxed and all tensions eased, particularly in the back and neck muscles.

Another feature that makes this “Ergonomic” version unique in the world is its special density and softness, allowing for comfortable use on the mat, even for those with significant irregularities. It’s also heatable (naturally, using a gel pack or an oven). The warm surface provides an anti-pain, de-contracting, and relaxing effect, making the Mysa acupressure mat the most effective for mechanical acupressure stimulation.

Exclusively created by Mysa, a one-of-a-kind worldwide.

Preferred by professionals and those who have tried it at least once!

The Mysa hyper-kyphosis corrector uses 100% natural plant-based padding made from 100% Tuscan organic spelt chaff. No hard seeds, nuts, grains, or synthetic materials like foam, plastic, or other petroleum derivatives, which are often used in similar products and cause issues like loss of consistency, lack of “Memory” capacity, sweat and mite retention, and imbalanced density.

It also allows for more personalized use of the mat, tailored to different body types and conformations, making it particularly suitable for acute and sudden pain in the lumbar and dorsal area.

Aim straight for the best, of the best – treat yourself to the ErgonoMag Mysa. Right where you need it most, you’ll fully enjoy the synergistic action of uniform acupressure, adjustable natural warmth, and magnet therapy (in the ErgonoMag Mysa version).

You’ll experience complete, unexpected relief that will surprise you, and you won’t be able to do without it anymore

If you have an above-average build, definitely consider the XXL version of both mats: the extra length will allow you to treat your entire body in a single session, from shoulders to back, buttocks, calves, all the way to the soles of your feet!

If hyper-kyphosis is not your only concern, discover the right Mysa for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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The two Mysa models ideal for those with hyper-kyphosis:

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  • ErgonoMag Mysa

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