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Here Mysa excels: the acupressure mat has sold almost a million units in Sweden alone, and its primary use has always been to alleviate pain and tension throughout the back.

The thousands of microtips, in contact with the body, provide a mechanical stimulus that, from beneath the skin, through the nervous system, reaches the brain, which releases hormones to block the perception of pain. With the addition of bio-magnets in the “upgrade” version, namely the Magnetic Mysa, the analgesic and relaxing effect reaches its maximum power.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro l'ipercifosi


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

87% have used it as "back first aid"
86% have improved their quality of life
92% notice significantly increased mobility
96% would recommend it for temporary back pain

Choose the 33-point flower acupressure

Effective mechanical stimulation is crucial for treating the back

If you suffer from widespread back pain, know that you are not alone. If you’re over 45, it might comfort you to know that even half of the Italian population occasionally (and frequently) experiences it.

According to the most accredited theory, the so-called “gate control,” it is through intense and widespread tactile stimulation produced by its thousands of microtips that the neurotransmitter of touch fibers can inhibit synaptic transmission, thus blocking the perception of pain.

This is how many explain the analgesic and relaxing action of our Original Mysa, without harmful side effects or the need for medication or strenuous physical exercises. This effectiveness is maximized with the special 33-point flower design, a direct evolution of the original “Iplikator for back pain” invented by Prof. Kutzesov. What immense relaxation! What unexpected relief for the back!

You rise from your Mysa session and feel the difference

New mobility, new quality of life awaits you!

The difference is palpable, especially during and after sessions. Mysa can help alleviate pain for an extended period. You can benefit from it both at the beginning of the day and before sleep.

Simply use it for at least 20 minutes per session (40-50 minutes is ideal), lying on it with your back, preferably bare, on a mattress, chair, or carpet. You can bend your knees to maximize acupressure on the back.

With our flagship product, the Original Mysa, you’ll have a high-quality Swedish ally thanks to the special 33-point Mysa pyramid-shaped flowers (Balanced Density Mysa), combined with the filling made entirely of special plant-based fiber.

What profound, incredible well-being, what immediate relief! As soon as you rise from your Mysa, you feel the difference: your back feels “loosened,” as if it’s been “reset.” The beneficial, relaxing microcirculation stimulation has taken effect, and it’s verifiably noticeable… “visibly.” As Mysa users testify, it’s like you’ve been massaged for hours!

The combination of acupressure and magnet therapy is decisive.

Here, effectiveness is unparalleled: two powerful allies in synergy for your back

Our improved proposal compared to our Original Mysa, for temporary pain, can only be its “professional” version (the most used by therapists and athletic trainers): the Magnetic Mysa mat. An exclusive Mysa product that has the added benefits of natural bio-magnets (non-electric) strategically placed along the spinal tract. This allows all the crucial reflex points to be simultaneously stimulated, both by acupressure and by the age-old natural Magnet therapy.

A better quality of life awaits you, newfound flexibility that will accompany you throughout the day!

It is worth concluding that the Mysa mat does not address the root causes of back pain, which can be diverse, such as rheumatic or primarily “mechanical” issues: discopathies, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, or even fractures.

If you have an above-average build, consider the exclusive XXL (extra-long) version of both mats: this way, you can work on your entire body, from the neck to the soles of your feet.

If temporary back pain is not your only concern, discover the right Mysa for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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  • Magnetic Mysa: Spike Mat for Magnet Therapy

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