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The action of thousands of micropoints on the Mysa Mat serves as a strong stimulus for blood circulation and the vascular system. The increased hyperemia, hyperthermia, and consequent enhanced subcutaneous microcirculation can be immediately observed, “visibly,” within minutes on the Mysa!

In addition, we explain how the experiences of many researchers have demonstrated that under the influence of a specific magnetic field, vascularization improves and the body’s immune strength is reinforced. The Original Mysa and, even more so, the Magnetic Mysa (with bio-magnets) excel in this function.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro la cattiva circolazione


After 30 days of use, Mysa users affirm:

100% noticed an increase in local blood supply
96% experienced benefits at the level of local microcirculation
91% noted lasting effects on vascularization
96% also gained a noticeable aesthetic advantage

Acupressure for Microcirculation Stimulation

And Magnet Therapy for Cellular Oxygenation

The mechanical stimulus from thousands of micropoints leads to a distinct increase in blood flow, resulting in heightened vascularization. This effect is immediately felt on the skin and is one of the most well-known, immediate, and evident benefits of our mat.

Mysa goes further by enhancing the mat with naturopathic magnet therapy.

Modern Western Naturopathic Magnet Therapy (Philpott) indeed asserts that exposure to a negative polarity magnetic field can have a beneficial effect on the body’s energy, generating relief symptoms, stimulating anti-stress effects, cellular oxygenation, and promoting metabolic detoxification.

In Chinese Eastern philosophy, illness is considered a sign of imbalance between YIN and YANG, the body’s polarities, and this can lead to poor circulation of vital energy (CHI), followed by energy blockages in various body parts. According to this theory, vital energy drives blood flow.

Dysfunctional vital energy, therefore, results in poor blood circulation.

Restoring proper blood flow is essential

Magnet Therapy is of great assistance for this purpose

For practitioners of Magnet Therapy, every cell in our body is a micro-magnet that generates a fluctuating magnetic field.

The various organs in our body, which are essentially groups of similar cells, produce powerful magnetic fields, especially the brain and the heart. Each healthy cell has a harmonious electromagnatic system, and the cell membrane acts as a capacitor capable of storing energy. The right voltage is thus necessary for proper cell function and for biological reactions such as hydrolysis, oxidation, and ionized mineral exchange.

By providing magnetic energy input through specialized super bio-magnets with medium Gauss polarity, like those on our splendid Magnetic Mysa mat, the original potential of the cell can be restored, thus reactivating natural biological reactions.

We recommend using our Original Mysa mat, or even better, our exclusive Magnetic Mysa, ideally on a daily basis for at least 20 minutes, to reactivate the circulatory system and restore proper blood circulation.

The Valuable Action of Mysa's Bio-Magnets

To Improve Body Circulation and Functionality

Enhanced blood circulation speed is particularly beneficial for overweight individuals and those experiencing circulatory stasis: the increased blood flow benefits the entire neuro-vegetative system, as well as internal organs that eliminate toxins (kidneys, liver).

The multiple benefits of the greater vascularization naturally induced by Mysa serve to restore better functionality to the entire body.

If you have a larger build, definitely consider the extra-long XXL versions of our mats. They will significantly help stimulate total microcirculation, organ vascularization in the lower and upper limbs, reactivate the lymphatic system, ensure total cellular oxygenation, widespread detoxification, and overall drainage centimeter by centimeter. This effect extends even to the thighs, calves, and the soles of the feet (enabling you to exploit foot reflexology), in the most comprehensive and widespread manner.

If poor circulation isn’t your only concern, discover the right Mysa for you through the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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  • Magnetic Mysa: Spike Mat for Magnet Therapy

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