• How and When to Use the Mysa Mat?

Listen to your inner self when you lie on your Mysa mat: you will realize how both your body and your mind are reaping the countless benefits of acupressure. Set aside at least twenty minutes to devote to yourself and find a quiet room (or one with some soft music playing in the background). Place your Mysa mat on a bed, sofa or any other comfortable surface, take four deep breaths and forget the world outside. Just relax and enjoy the wonderful sensations that its special pyramidal tips will spread out all over your body!

You can lie on your Mysa mat as often as you wish. We recommend doing it at least three times a week for about twenty minutes each time (although this will also depend on the results you want to achieve). Do not place the mat on an inclined surface and try not to move or roll your body around too much when you are lying on it. Whenever you wish to change position, sit up and lie again in the desired position. Also, drink plenty of water in order to allow your inner energy to rebalance itself.

• Do All Mysa Models Have the Same Core Features?

Of course! Why change the best? All Mysa models are exactly the same with respect to the following features: Size (Mysa Large XL) — Padding density and materials — Number of tips per floret: 33 balanced-density tips (“Mysa Balanced Density Ratio”).

What differentiates one version from another are the added elements that make a particular model ideally suited to a specific use (yoga, meditation, foot reflexology, etc.) or result (Thermo Mysa Duo for muscle relaxation, Magnetic Mysa for pain relief, etc.). We worked so hard to come up with our 33-tip balanced-density florets, the perfect padding density, the ideal mat size, etc. that it would have made no sense not to employ such features in each and every version of the Mysa mat. Also, a suboptimal number of tips per floret would have forced us to change their number and shape in order to adapt the mat to different uses, body weights and pain thresholds. 


• Will All Those Tips Hurt?

Do not worry: they will not hurt you. In fact, they are good, very good for you! You may initially experience a slight discomfort, which will however disappear after only 2-3 minutes.

And as you continue lying on your mat, such discomfort will first turn into a pleasant feeling of warmth and, subsequently, into a widespread sensation of wellbeing and deep relaxation. Depending on the treatment you need as well as your pain threshold, you can choose to lie on your Mysa mat bare-skinned or wearing a light t-shirt. In the former case, however, the effectiveness of acupressure will be greatly enhanced. Even if you are not in pain or do not suffer from a specific disorder, regularly using your Mysa acupressure mat can be of great help in combating the stress accumulated during the day. Similarly, lying on it will help you overcome the tiredness and lack of energy that we all feel after a long day at work or a long journey. Mysa will thus become a most trusted companion: it will treat you to moments of deep relaxation and will re-energize you in a completely natural fashion.

Indeed, many users of our Mysa mat use it exclusively for this purpose and cannot live without it!

Every evening, they look forward to going back home and lie on it in order to relieve the stress (physical and mental) and the muscle tension accumulated during the day. In fact, each day, you should set aside a few minutes to devote to yourself only: a time for reading, listening to music, meditating and lying on your Mysa mat. Some people prefer using the Mysa mat early in the morning in order to recharge their batteries and face the day ahead newly re-energized. The muscle-relaxing and re-energizing properties of acupressure are well-known. However, the Mysa mat will also encourage your brain to release endorphins and oxytocin (the hormones of happiness and love) and this will do wonders for the wellbeing of your body, mind and soul. Endorphins, in particular, give us pleasure, gratification and happiness and can help us cope with stress.



  • • General Recommendations on How to Use the Mysa Mat:

    1. After each session, it is advisable to continue relaxing by drinking fluids or to lightly exercise in order to “re-awaken” your body.

    2. Tolerance to the discomfort caused by acupressure differs from individual to individual and can also vary due to temporary circumstances (illness, altered physical or psychological state, medication, changes in body weight, etc.). Therefore, the first time you use your Mysa mat, wear some light clothes (such as a t-shirt) and do not lie on it for more than 10 minutes (better still, if around midday). This way, you will be able to precisely assess your level of tolerance to the mat’s tips and your body’s reaction to them.

    3. You should not discontinue any medical treatment prescribed by your doctor or other healthcare professional when starting using the Mysa mat.

    4. We recommend you ask your family doctor whether you should begin to use the Mysa mat or even stop using it in the unlikely event of any adverse reaction, however minimal.

5. By encouraging the release of oxytocin, the Mysa mat can cause drowsiness. It is therefore recommended not to drive after using it.

6. Only use the Mysa mat as explained on this website.

• Who Shoud Not Use the Mysa Mat?

The Mysa mat should not be used by pregnant women and, more generally, by anyone suffering from: Skin lesions or irritations such as sunburn, inflammation, dermatitis, eczema, psoriasis or open wounds — Chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or thrombophlebitis — Coagulation disorders (haemophilia) — Any type of heart disease — Low blood pressure — Hypersensitive skin. Furthermore, the Mysa mat should not be used by anyone taking anticoagulants (warfarin, enoxaparin, heparin) in order to avoid the risk of cutaneous haemorrhage and hematomas.