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It is a soft mat fitted with special tips that, through the countless therapeutic properties of acupressure and reflexology, can help relieve stress and fatigue, reduce muscle tension in the neck, shoulders and back, boost blood and lymph circulation and facilitate sleep.

Many of our customers, however, lie on their Mysa acupressure mat simply to enjoy moments of deep relaxationrelieve physical and mental tension and devote a little time just to themselves…

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Many of our customers, however, lie on their Mysa acupressure mat simply to enjoy moments of deep relaxationrelieve physical and mental tension and devote a little time just to themselves…

According to the principles of acupressure, when our mat’s tips (made exclusively with non-toxic and non-allergenic materials) press on your bare back, they make the nervous system send a series of impulses to the brain via the spinal cord, triggering the release of endorphins and oxytocin.

Endorphins are commonly known as the “hormones of wellbeing” as they are capable of blocking the transmission of pain signals, thereby generating a sensation of wellbeing and reducing muscle and joint pain. Oxytocin is instead known as the “hormone of love and serenity” since it brings about a feeling of general calmness along with a mild drowsiness (which can be of great help against stress, fatigue and sleep disorders).

Acupressure also boosts blood and lymph circulation, resulting in an increased inflow of blood to muscles and organs (beneficial against poor blood circulation, cellulite, etc.).

What happens on the mat

What happens when you lie on your Mysa mat?

15 minutes: The pressure exerted by the tips on the body stimulates the release of endorphins and oxytocin.

20-30 minutes: Stress levels decreasesleep is facilitatedphysical and mental tension melts away and there is a marked improvement in blood and lymph circulation.

Over 45 minutes: Analgesic effect. By this time, the pain-relieving benefits of acupressure should begin to be felt. Many users experience decreased pain, boosted metabolism and relief from inflammation.

A huge success among its users that is only now being analyzed scientifically.

Mats and Pillows

Its good effects

Let us try to explain what lies beneath the health benefits enjoyed by the thousands of users of our Mysa acupressure mats and pillows.

It all started some years ago with the “rediscovery” of the acupressure mat invented in the 1970s by the Russian Ivan Kuznetsov. Such mat was modified (new materials and a new tip design) and re-launched in Sweden in 2006.

Mysa represents the final stage of development of the spike mat. Its exclusive tip design and layout, the careful choice of materials, the many available models and the possibility to use it in conjunction with other natural therapies greatly enhance its health benefits, placing it head and shoulder above its competitors.

Unsurprisingly, this has resulted in an enormous success that has caught the eye of numerous health professionals—from physicians to practitioners of natural therapies. And, finally, several studies have analyzed the spikemat phenomenon from a medical/scientific standpoint.

Initial explanations of its effectiveness have ranged from the placebo effect to the gate control theory, from the stimulation of the body’s meridians to the benefits typical of reflexology. More recently, numerous independent studies have been carried out by some of the world’s most prestigious universities and their results are beginning to be published.

It must be stressed, however, that those who are familiar with reflexology, acupressure, acupuncture and all other natural therapies recognize the therapeutic potential of our Mysa mats and pillows by merely looking at them. Immediately, intuitively.

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