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Here, you need to combine both the mat and the pillow. But that’s not all: the acupressure spikes need to have the most effective configuration to provide a powerful acupressure stimulus.

You also need to provide beneficial local heat to the treated area and, even better, add the natural stretching power of magnet therapy.

What are the only products on the market that offer all of this? Well, only our Thermo Mysa Duo and ThermoMag Mysa Duo (with bio-magnets).

Il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro l'artrosi dorsale


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

87% noticed a decrease in stiffness
82% significantly improved their quality of life
91% markedly alleviated pain and contractions
92% found it effective for relieving arthritis

The action needs to be powerful and widespread

Acupressure with 33 spikes and heat are crucial here

A widespread yet subtle joint disease: it starts bothering you in the morning, ruining your day. It may seem to disappear during the day, only to intensify again in the evening, often not giving you relief even during sleep.

The action of thousands of micro-pyramidal acupressure spikes stimulates the release of endorphins from our body, with a natural analgesic effect. These spikes also help increase blood circulation in the treated area. Both of these effects are amplified by another ancient remedy for arthritis: heat therapy (Thermo-therapy or Heat Therapy).

The combination of these two actions is truly the unique and exclusive characteristic of Mysa, also characterized by the absence of side effects typical of other common therapies.

The addition of bio-magnets has proved crucial

A unique product with a powerful stretching action

We believe it’s important to also utilize naturopathic Magnet Therapy. According to the principles of this valuable natural therapy, the action of bio-magnets with stable field could help enhance the acupressure’s effectsThis natural combination often proves decisive in naturally alleviating certain musculoskeletal pain states.

Through vasodilation, blood circulation is facilitated, leading to increased oxygen and vital nutrient supply to muscle cells, along with enhanced metabolic activity, as well as hypotensive and analgesic effects.

It’s important to note that it only provides temporary pain relief, not addressing the various underlying causes.

It’s essential to consider that local pains in other body parts (legs, arms, feet, migraines) are often derived from inflammations in the spinal column, transmitted to the limbs through nerve endings.

Mat and Pillow for Comprehensive and Ergonomic Action

The heatable pillow for targeted and localized action

Although our classic “Original Mysa” mat already guarantees the valuable work of acupressure in stimulating blood circulation and oxygenation at the spinal level, we consider it important to work on a larger treated surface area, also working at the cervical level. Therefore, the choice falls on the Thermo Mysa Duo.

Furthermore, since magnet therapy is also important, the improved product here can only be the ThermoMag Mysa Duo.

It’s essential to treat the largest surface possible, assisted by the action of both heat and bio-magnets placed along the entire spinal column and in the trapezius/neck area.

Even using the pillow alone can be useful for localized pain relief caused by various types of arthritis: under the neck for Cervical Arthritis, lying with the pillow under the lower back for Lumbar Arthritis (and Lumbosciatica), contacting the hip for Coxarthrosis, and under the back of the knee in case of patella-related arthritis.

If your build is above average, consider the extra-long XXL version of these two combinations to work on your glutes, hamstrings, and calves, where enhanced blood circulation stimulation can have an anti-aging effect!

If dorsal arthritis isn’t your only concern, discover the right Mysa for you using the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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