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Mysa Back Extender

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Mysa Back Extender

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The best and most complete back stretcher kit for vertebral decompression: for back pain, relief from tensions, spine problems, hernias, discopatheis and incorrect postures.

It only takes a few minutes a day and you will experience an unexpected well-being, what a wonderful feeling is the melting away of tensions, relief from pain and rigidity, as tens of thousands of users have already experienced, in Sweden and worldwide.

The only with: gradual curvature adjustment, the special Mysa’s micro-dots for acupressure and the heatable GelPack to maximize muscle distension, the special Mysa Trigger-Ball to dissolve diffused “knots” and, free fo charge:  the online professional Video tutorial “12 minutes & 12 Days 100% Back in Shape” by Rakuten, used by professionals all over the world!


You will experience that, with a use of 12 minutes per day, after only twelve days of program (or even less!), almost by magic you would finally benefit from a tremendous, general well-being as part of the re-setting of your back, to give you a constant feeling of relief from pain and rigidity: you will fully resume your mobility, your quality of life. You just have to spend a few minutes a day, with simple exercises or in a complete static way, relying on the “100% BACK IN SHAPE” program.

The first, authentic, original, the most copied (… badly) in the world: it is the famous Mysa back Extender: the device conceived by Mysa and Rakuten that, over time, has become the wellness-product of the moment in all world markets.



Why? Because it is not a simple “back stretcher” as you can appreciate by seeing many cheap copies around. It is, instead, the only one in the world being actually a complete kit, including all the fundamental elements to reach the final results of: stopping back pain, relief from tensions, spine problems and improper postures which includes, as a crucial and essential part: the well-known, online professional tutorial “12 minutes & 12 Days 100% Back in Shape Mysa Program” by Rakuten, used by professionals all over the world.

A program created and tested by the experts of Rakuten Sport Equipment, together with the Swedish Team Mysa, modulated according to your shape conditions: you will also get total benefit, whether you have chronic problems or pain, difficulty in movement, or if you are already fit and flexible.


What makes the authentic Mysa Back Extender the best choice on the market that you can make for your back, is represented by the fact that it is the only one in the world with the “Booster Acupressure & Heat” system: it is equipped with the famous Mysa case for acupressure and the gel pack to heat it: for a complete analgesic action, pain blocking, with maximum decompression and muscle relaxation.

✔ Equipped with the special steel piston for millimeter adjustment of the curving level:

It is a critical feature of the Mysa Extender that makes it the most effective among back stretchers on the market. It is a licensed system of curvature’s adjustment to the millimeter: the result will be safer, tailored to your specific needs and making the tool the only one effective and safe.

It beats the huge limit of imitations of Back Stretchers on the market equipped with only “three levels of curvature”, which makes them unsuccessful, not at all effective, and often definitely dangerous for certain problems.

✔ The only which exploits the famous Mysa’s Micro-tips for acupressure:  

This component, which makes the Mysa Back Extender unique, takes advantage of all the expertise of the Swedish Mysa team, a world leader in analgesic acupressure products:

Only the Mysa pillowcase with 33 special microdots acupressure flowers and balanced density will allow, in fact, both in the initial and maintenance phase of the program, to maintain stable and lasting results over time, and an upkeep use just once a week.

✔ With the Special Mysa Heating Gel Pack to add beneficial ThermoTherapy to the activity of decompression and vertebral elongation 

Another very important part of the kit: a pad that is heatable in a few minutes, which releases beneficial heat in the following hour: it perfectly fits under the acupressure pillowcase of the Mysa Back Extender, to make it completely heated!

In addition to a fabulous feeling of relaxation and well-being, the heat helps to prepare the body for a full action of the spinal extender, with immediate relaxing effect of the lumbar and dorsal area and maximum decompression of scales!

✔ And it also includes the Special Mysa Trigger-Ball, made of natural Eco European Materials

Mysa and Rakuten specialists have noted over time how often total relief from back pain can only be achieved by intervening on the specific tensions or painful contracting, and on the sore “trigger points” located outside the spinal area. Here comes the wonderful massage ball: the Mysa trigger ball.

Improved over the years, it is made of 100% organic natural cork, strictly European (no plastic, no toxic rubber nor too soft, no petroleum derivatives typical of cheap massaging balls).

✔ The best on the market as well as posture corrector:

It  has confirmed itself being the best Back Stretcher on the global markets as well as to be used as a postural ergonomic corrector for seating: on the car seat, at a desk, at the pc, at home, especially due to its unique system of curvature’s adjustment to the millimeter and its special pillowcase with microdots.

Only Mysa Extender, in fact, allows you to adjust its curvature to better correct and stabilize your posture, making your seat, in the car or at work, perfectly ergonomic and with the best alignment for your spine.

On the other hand, the three-level structure characterizing the other brands, do not allow such a perfect ergonomic alignment like Mysa, and enforce instead uncovering, or even injurious, postures.

When Mysa does something, it is always done as at its best. And here, with the advice of Team Rakuten, it has definitely been outstanding!

✔ Best selected materials and components of the highest quality, typical of Mysa products:

The attention to quality, to ecology, and reliability of the distinctive materials of the Mysa brand has been a certainty for decades.

The ABS materials and the steel components, as well as the pillowcase made of a 100% natural cotton, with the microdots in non-toxic and hypoallergenic ABS, the heated Gel Pack of European production, all strictly marked CE, together with the Trigger ball in European natural cork “Eco Design Mysa” MADE IN EUROPE …  prove this attention.

✔ The only one with the professional program that will allow you and your whole family to reach total relief in just 12 days! 

And all in a gradual, decisive, definitive way, and above all safe from injuries or harmful uses which characterize the cheap three-level Back Stretchers. Without usage guidelines that cost a few euros less and which, at the end, will not give you the expected results and the safety of an appropriate use for your problem.
In fact, only the joint action of tool and 12-day program have proven to provide benefits.

It is a professional online video tutorial protocol that will guarantee you fast and definitive benefits for your problems of:

  • Temporary and chronic back pain
  • Discopathies, Hernias, Discal Protrusions
  • Low back pain, Dorsopathy
  • Crushed vertebrae
  • Muscle contractures
  • Incorrect spinal alignment
  • Incorrect Postures, Hyperkyphotic
  • Cervicalgia


Choose the top for your back: your health, your motor activity, deserve the best!

This progressive extension, re-position and therefore “re-alignment” of your spine will be progressive and definitive: you will notice with huge surprise how the pain can be relieved, the posture will be improved, the “loads” lighten, and a new life is finally waiting for you, with mobility and pain relief that will allow you to practice sports, work, and activity again!

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