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Mysa means: Total Relaxation. Complete unwinding. Sense of well-being and relaxing action. Millions are well aware of this by now!

Even if you don’t have back pain and your body is well-trained (…congratulations), give yourself the opportunity to experience moments of intense well-being.

To achieve total and widespread relaxation, you need to combine the mat and the pillow: therefore, Thermo Mysa Duo and, even better, Thermo Mag Mysa Duo with biomagnets, for an even deeper and unique unwinding experience that will astonish you.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione per relax totale


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

94% experienced a decisive effect on mental tension
93% feel deep relaxation, often leading to sleep
91% noted lasting effects on vascularization
88% use it regularly for relaxation

What a profound and widespread relaxation!

A sensation that has made the Mysa mat and pillow sets famous worldwide

Our Thermo Mysa Duo enhances the myorelaxant potential of the common flowered mat: its stimulating surface maximizes the release of oxytocin (thanks to its over 10,000 specially designed Mysa pyramid points, the most on the market!), and the warmth of the heatable pillow (such pleasure on the neck, and what a comforting numbness, what beneficial warmth… very, very Mysa…)!

We’re talking about the maximum achievable in terms of relaxation, decontracting action, and anti-stress and muscle relaxation capacity. The credit goes to the special natural padding, Mysalus Mysa®, breathable and at the perfect density, which acts in perfect synergy with the exclusive 33-point Mysa flowers: the distribution of the trigger point stimulus is perfectly equal and homogeneous across the entire body surface!

The sensation of the micro-points and biomagnets on the back and neck.

A feeling of relief, lightness, and total relaxation.

With the exclusive Mysa pillow, the micro-points on the neck are perfectly noticeable due to its natural softness (no internal foam, no hard seeds, only organic spelt chaff from Tuscany, the best…), and it’s immediately a pleasure that will surprise you: it’s precisely here that tension accumulates.

The knots of stress, energy blockages, the contractions of tension, they all gather here and are literally dissolved. This is where you’ll feel the most pleasure in the “pain” of the points working on your body for you! Isn’t it like when you’re with a masseur, a Shiatsu practitioner, or an osteopath: you like the deep pressure, the sinking of the fingers and weight to be significant, decisive (painful, indeed).

A pleasant… beneficial pain, decontracting, and just like on a homeopathic level, it compels the body to stimulate endorphins, thus…blocking pain perception and providing continuous well-being over time.

The sensation of relaxation here reaches unprecedented heights.

A pleasure to be experienced and re-experienced every day.

The only model capable of delivering moments of relaxation even superior to the Thermo Mysa Duo? There’s only one in the world: It’s always Mysa, of course: ThermoMag Mysa Duo, or Magnetic Mysa plus ThermoMag Pillow.

The negative polarity bio-magnets, therefore restful and relaxing, will add additional relaxation power to the over 10,000 beneficial micro-points it’s equipped with. The relaxation becomes so immediate and all-encompassing that it’s a delightful, unexpected surprise from the first moments of contact.

The sensation of tensions melting away here reaches a level that can only be described by those who have had the fortune to try it!

If you have a body above average in size, it’s essential for you to equip yourself with the XXL version (double length) of these two Mysa sets. Only with an active surface of 180 cm in length can you achieve levels of relaxation, general unwinding, and relief from physical and mental tension never before reached, experiencing the invaluable, exclusive, surprising, all-encompassing, and by now renowned “100% Mysa Total Body Acupressure Experience,” which only Mysa XXL can provide.

If total relaxation isn’t your only need, discover the right Mysa for you right away by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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