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The Mysa mat for training your body? Certainly! Numerous sports associations, pilates centers, yoga studios, and personal trainers offer group classes in various disciplines, utilizing our Mysa mat.

Additionally, to engage in targeted home exercises, you can follow the many usage suggestions provided in our online Mysa tutorial, included with every Mysa product.

We explain here how our Original Mysa (and even more so, the Magnetic Mysa) can “energize” your physical and yogic activities or lead you into the beginning of a new endeavor, as enjoyable as it is effective.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione per il poco allenamento


After 30 days of use, Mysa users affirm:

92% noticed greater elasticity
96% optimized their Yoga asana practice
91% resumed consistent physical activity
96% recommend it for Pilates and muscle elongation

Mysa will be your valuable companion for your physical activity

Revitalize physical practices, enhance Yoga asanas

As mentioned, the online Mysa Tutorial will present you with numerous series of selected asanas from the renowned 144 illustrated positions that constitute the novel “Mysa Chakra Yoga.” Additionally, it includes various targeted professional protocols and exercises designed to facilitate harmonious and effective physical activity, amplified by the Mysa mat.

All of this is illustrated and explained in a simple and comprehensive manner, one by one. You will be able to stretch your body as you never thought possible.

The Guided Meditation audio will help you reactivate and relax your mind, reopening energy channels.

This is all you need to start immediately, at your home, in a simple and guided manner, engaging in harmonious, non-strenuous physical exercise specifically designed to stretch your muscles, provide a more correct posture, stimulate metabolism… thereby making your body more responsive, relaxed, at ease, harmonious, and in pleasant form.

For those experienced in Yoga, the energizing action is immediately apparent.

Better anchoring, blood circulation, posture, energy.

If you’re an experienced Yoga practitioner, you will realize, by following the sequences of the “Mysa Chakra Yoga” program, the difference in quality that emerges in the positions.

“The spikes sinking into the muscles immediately tend towards the elimination of tension and rigidity, and therefore lateralization, ‘reopening’ the path to proper myofascial tissue function by introducing a new balanced muscular distribution: the reactivated micro-circulation stimulates deep tissues, regenerating forgotten aspects of ourselves, causing micro-movements that tend to realign and naturally position the spinal column.” (excerpt from: “Mysa Chakra Yoga” – by Yoga Master Roberto Ergi).

We reserve these technicalities for those who possess a deep understanding of Yoga, while we simply harness a new potential of the Mysa mat, beyond its analgesic and relaxing acupressure effects. This includes enabling us to immediately execute a program of carefully designed physical exercises that can be practiced at home. These exercises can render your body pleasant, trained, flexible, and harmonious.

Magnet therapy energizes the benefits of physical activity.

For a more active, proactive, and responsive body.

Furthermore, our Magnetic Mysa, thanks to its exclusive super-biomagnets that enhance the action of the 33-point pyramid flowers with balanced density, will provide you with a more pronounced stimulus for blood and lymphatic circulation, resulting in beneficial cellular oxygenation and the elimination of toxins from our organism. Naturopathic magnet therapy will help you render your body “active,” well-stretched, relaxed, and responsive, even if you engage in little exercise or lead a sedentary life.

With Mysa, you will begin to take the best care of your body, your physical exercise, muscle relaxation… and the quality of your life.

In your home, whenever you want, starting tomorrow, more and more each day, forever.

If you have an above-average build, consider the extra-long XXL version of the mats: the energizing action on anchoring, chakra opening, muscle relaxation, and flexibility will be doubled, involving your entire body and all your organs.

If a poorly trained body isn’t your only issue, discover the right Mysa for you right away by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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