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Do you feel drained, depleted, mentally exhausted?

Our experience has led to the creation of Mysa, designed to give you a significant boost of energy, and we have enhanced its effectiveness for those experiencing mental fatigue by incorporating special bio-magnets in the exclusive superior version: Magnetic Mysa.

ll migliore tappetino per agopressione contro la stanchezza mentale


After 30 days of usage, Mysa users report:

92% noticed an increase in vital energy
95% feel less exhausted during the day
94% have resumed regular physical activity
98% report feeling more "vital"

Mysa is your ally if you're feeling down...

It takes you by the hand, rekindling and re-energizing you.

It seems that life is too burdensome with its hectic pace, constant demand for performance, duties, obligations, deadlines to meet, and responsibilities?

You’re not alone: three out of five people experience mental fatigue.

A mild discomfort, constant and daily, a sensation of running, a daily race without knowing where to go, without ever finding a true goal, lacking a pause for real well-being.
You have the right to stop, in your own home, in a room by yourself, while others outside continue a pointless, circular, frenzied race that leads nowhere.

Your life is the sum of your thoughts: slow them down, make them positive, smile mentally.

What you need now is a wonderful Mysa acupressure mat and an easy guide, featuring an online tutorial full of advice, contributions, and usage examples, such as the exclusive “Mysa Chakra Yoga” positions, and the novel Guided Meditation audio on Mysa.

What a wonderful push, an endorphin rush!

In just a few minutes, you can face life with renewed energy and enthusiasm!

Here’s a comprehensive online support of information and explanations, easily accessible at home, to help you immediately start taking care of your tired, depleted, mentally exhausted mind. Unblock your energy channels, regain positivity and mental freshness.

All of this doesn’t require additional stress from attending courses, crowded groups, deadlines, fixed schedules, traffic, overly complicated applications, or exotic trips. You can do everything at home, whenever you want.

Start today: a high-quality acupressure mat that will help you release muscular tension and accumulated physical stress in the neck, shoulders, and back. In addition, the online Mysa tutorial will guide you towards lightness, harmony of thoughts, mental smiles – a beautiful state of mind and soul that will accompany you throughout the day.

Natural magnetotherapy is essential to revitalize yourself.

An energy "booster" you must try, starting today!

If you’re overcome by a sense of mental fatigue, grant yourself a few minutes just for you, in solitude, in silence, in your room or wherever you prefer – on our Original Mysa mat, and even better, on the unprecedented, exclusive, hyper-relaxing Magnetic Mysa.

Those who try Magnetic Mysa to revitalize the mind and seek assistance for mental fatigue never let it go! It will become a precious daily companion for you too, promoting relaxation, re-energization, and therefore mental reactivation. Its splendid naturopathic bio-magnets will help you face life with renewed mental vigor every day. That’s all you need!

When we decided to introduce a version of Mysa dedicated to mental fatigue, it was inevitable, based on our experience, to incorporate magnetotherapy as well as study a special form of Yoga and an original Meditation.

Give yourself the best gift!

If you have a larger build than average, know that the XXL, extra-long version of the mats will double the energizing action, providing a true flood of endorphins that will give you enormous mental drive throughout the day!

If mental fatigue isn’t your only concern, discover the right Mysa for you right away by taking the Mysa Check-up Test®!

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