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The Mysa mat represents a modern tool for fully experiencing an ancient therapy: Foot Reflexology!

“In the office, I often take off my shoes and rest my feet on Mysa… while working at my desk, I experience such gratifying pleasure, a well-being that radiates from bottom to top… as if by reflex…”

Here, the Magnetic Mysa takes the lead, and if you add length (XXL) and warmth, you’ll have the ultimate… of the ultimate!

Guarda il migliore trattamento naturale per i dolori premestruali : L’agopressione del tappetino Mysa, il più efficace rimedio naturale per i dolori premestruali , la terapia naturale per i dolori premestruali con tutorial esercizi


After 30 days of usage, Mysa users report:

83% experience a greater overall well-being
85% report increased vitality
78% notice a relaxing effect
87% use it on a daily basis

Have you ever tried walking on a bed of spikes?

So much well-being, rising all the way to the brain.

All disciplines that utilize pressure points, from acupuncture to shiatsu, from digitopressure to auriculotherapy, start from the principle that specific reflex points exist for all our organs. These points are connected by pathways through which essential energy passes to maintain balance and vitality.

This is why many experience benefits using Mysa on their feet! One of the complementary uses of the Mysa Mat, which can offer unexpected benefits for various ailments, even reaching internal organs, is by placing it under your feet to stimulate the numerous and important acupressure points and reflexology meridians!

Rely only on Mysa's acupressure for your feet.

Ideal configuration of micro-points and perfect density.

Our classic, renowned Original Mysa is all you need to fully experience the mechanical information that micro-points transmit to the brain, thus creating a reflex effect throughout the body and mind. You will feel diffused benefits in both body and mind. The 33-point flowers are, in fact, the ones that guarantee the best beneficial action, with a perception of pain that is entirely appropriate and tolerable.

Pressure on the plantar meridians transmits therapeutic effects or even just a sensation of diffused well-being. This sensation rises upwards to the mind and permeates the entire body. A sense of widespread relief, improvement in psycho-physical condition, and posture will become noticeable, leaving you pleasantly surprised!

Sitting in a chair is recommended (at least initially, to unload only part of the body weight on the micro-points). After the initial sessions, it’s best to be barefoot. Finally, stand on the mat to exert maximum pressure.

With bio-magnets, you can truly feel the difference

A walk of utmost well-being, for body and mind.

Moreover, we strongly recommend that you immediately take advantage of the “upgrade” product for Foot Reflexology: the Magnetic Mysa.

The presence of bio-magnets is crucial here for a more powerful stimulation of the sub-plantar meridians of reflexology, providing an immediate and tangible benefit to all internal organs, which you will notice right away.

Naturopathic magnet therapy can help maximize the action of micro-points by facilitating the mechanical transmission of information to the brain and internal organs. It also stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation and alleviates side effects like fatigue and limb swelling.

For this purpose, we recommend the XXL version of both mats, which provides an exceptionally intense reflexology stimulation with a greater number of acupressure points and potent negative-polarity bio-magnets. Walking on a meter and a half of concentrated reflexology stimulation, with a level of magnetic intensity never reached before, constitutes a truly super-healthy walk. You will immediately and permanently feel significant benefits from the soles of your feet, rising upwards throughout your body, to your mind and soul.

If foot reflexology is not your sole need, discover your ideal Mysa mat by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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