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Acupressure for muscle relaxation.


Mysa acupressure, especially when combined with magnet therapy, can prove useful during phases of muscle unloading, recovery, and muscle relaxation following intensive training sessions, competitions, or prolonged muscular effort. This is particularly beneficial for the back area, where post-exercise strain often concentrates.

For post-exercise recovery: Original Mysa, and even better: Magnetic Mysa.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione post allenamento


After 30 days of use, Mysa users affirm:

92% shortened recovery times
93% improved sleep and rest after sports
91% reduced muscular trauma and injuries
95% recommend it for intense effort recovery

Agupressure for muscle relaxation.

The Mysa mat is increasingly used by elite athletes.

More and more athletes are relying on acupressure and magnet therapy to enhance their performance.

The greatest benefits have been observed in our tests among those who regularly train for running competitions (marathon, half-marathon), and who are over 40 years old.

Its special micro-spike acupressure and its natural bio-magnets will take care of your fatigued body… helping you start the day better or indulge in a deep and restorative sleep!

The combined action of bio-magnets and acupressure, with the patented 33-point pyramid flowers unique to Mysa (a synergistic action never achieved with any other product on the market), promotes optimal reactivation of blood circulation, with a greater supply of oxygen and vital nutrients to the cells of the muscle tissue. This leads to increased metabolic activities and nutrient exchange among tissues, along with hypotensive and analgesic effects.

Agupressure and magnet therapy: relaxation, rebalancing, revitalization.

Reset your muscles to start again immediately, avoiding trauma.

The increase in blood circulation promotes faster elimination of waste products, toxins, and lactic acid that accumulate in the muscles, actively contributing to quicker and more effective recovery of muscular functionality; these toxins, in fact, irritate nerve endings, intensifying the pain message sent to the brain.

Regenerate and relax your muscles, and treat yourself to a satisfying relaxation session after your physical effort.

After your workout at the gym or the pool, enjoy the pleasure of returning home and lying down on Mysa!

The highest quality and most advanced spike design on the market: Mysa supplies top-tier football, rugby, and multisport teams!

Magnet therapy as an ally for athletes, for years now

Optimize recovery from intense muscular effort

Our “upgrade,” the Magnetic Mysa, is certainly and decidedly the way to go for post-exercise recovery.

Magnet therapy plays a decisive role here. Magnetic wraps, supports with bio-magnets, biomagnetic mattress pads are increasingly used by professional athletes and even Olympians.

Magnet therapy is gaining well-deserved recognition for its role in cellular rebalancing, promoting blood circulation, and eliminating toxins accumulated after physical efforts and intensive sports activities.

If you try Magnetic Mysa, the day after, you can train again with a more relaxed, ready, and responsive body, “reset”. It’s worth trying!

If recovery from intense muscular effort isn’t your only need, discover the right Mysa for you right away by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

Recommended products for this ailment

Here are the two Mysa models ideal for your post-exercise relaxation sessions:

  • Original Mysa Acupressure Mat

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  • Magnetic Mysa: Spike Mat for Magnet Therapy

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