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There are numerous fibromyalgia sufferers and wellness practitioners who report interesting results from using our Thermo Mysa Duo mat and pillow sets, and even more so, the ThermoMag Mysa Duo (with added bio-magnets). These sets provide general relief from the pain and side effects of this debilitating condition.

It has been extremely gratifying for us to note, from Mysa’s internal empirical tests, that our balanced density 33-point spike flowers, especially when combined with negative-polarity bio-magnets, have proven to be more effective in relieving fibromyalgia symptoms.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro la fibromialgia


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

82% noticed a decrease in widespread pain
81% experienced relief from fatigue
83% felt an "energizing" effect
92% experienced some form of benefit

Complex and challenging problems require carefully designed products

No compromises on quality: everything must be optimized for results

Mysa achieves these results in fibromyalgia through more sensitive muscle relaxation, greater relaxation of soft tissues, and significantly improved blood circulation to various organs—24% more than common acupressure mats with fewer spikes. This is significant because fewer spikes would often cause heightened pain perception among fibromyalgia sufferers due to their hyperalgesia and allodynia.

While awaiting scientifically-based clinical trials (already planned by Mysa), the feedback we’ve received from fibromyalgia sufferers using our Mysa is quite promising. It’s definitely worth a try!

Fibromyalgia involves a slowed metabolism and lymphatic system. The body struggles to eliminate toxins, leading to chronic inflammation, often accompanied by alterations in neurotransmitters crucial for communication between nerve cells.

The best acupressure, combined with magnet therapy, works here to optimize hormonal regulation (increased endorphins) and metabolism.

Research points to stable-field magnet therapy

A true ally against fibromyalgia side effects

Many researchers (both American and Italian, including Colbert, Markov (1999), Alfano (2001), and Ambrosi (2007), as well as a recent study from the University of Virginia published in the reputable Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine) agree that negative-polarity stable-field naturopathic magnet therapy, near Tender and Trigger points, has shown beneficial effects for fibromyalgia.

This therapy helps restore functional balance, acting directly on cellular repolarization, at the mitochondrial and fibroblast level, promoting new collagen formation. This therapy’s well-known anti-inflammatory, regenerative, energizing, and analgesic properties, with a more pronounced inhibition of Fibromyalgia Tender Points, are instrumental in this process.

The type and arrangement of the bio-magnets on our ThermoMag Mysa Duo set are based on these indications.

Treatment needs to be both widespread and profound

Three powerful natural therapies, working together at their maximum, are essential

ThermoMag Mysa Duo represents the most effective Mysa solution to help alleviate both fibromyalgia pain and related symptoms such as poor circulation and sleep disturbances (REM and stage 4 sleep), which cause morning stiffness and fatigue.

The results are astonishing: our empirical tests have shown a 34% improvement in symptom relief compared to the Original Mysa (test subjects aged 29 to 58 years), making the ThermoMag Mysa Duo the most suitable choice for addressing triggers and Tender points. It’s an improvement on the best… improved!

Additionally, the heat from the pillow helps alleviate pain and tension, particularly where they tend to accumulate due to poor posture or overall bodily imbalances. The ability to work with micro-spikes and bio-magnets on relevant points at the shoulders, neck, and cervical area is crucial.

Profound and important problems require immediate products that are complete and designed for maximum and decisive action. ThermoMag Mysa Duo is one such product.

If you’re above average in build, considering the extra-long XXL version is highly important—it’s essential to cover your entire body surface.

If fibromyalgia isn’t your only concern, discover the right Mysa for you using the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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