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Mysa stands for relaxation, tension relief, improved blood circulation, lymphatic system activation, and the stimulation of well-being and vitality hormones. But according to Asian Medicine, Mysa also means opening the energy channels of our body and stimulating Chakra points.

For this reason, trust the Original Mysa, and if you seek the utmost in relaxation, choose the Magnetic Mysa.

il migliore tappetino per agopressione contro i blocchi energetici


After 30 days of use, Mysa users report:

87% experience better Chakra alignment
80% have improved meditative intensity
71% are able to stay relaxed throughout the day
82% would recommend Mysa for energy unlocking

A powerful ally to unlock energy.

Mysa Chakra Yoga will guide you step by step.

Vital energy is an immeasurable quality that animates life. It’s prana, chi, ki – that flow recognized and explained by all Self-seekers throughout history.

When you’re on the Mysa mat, the connection to our energy centers becomes quicker and more complete, emphasizing their interconnection and expanding their reach throughout the body.

If you add the practice of special Mysa Chakra Yoga, exclusive yoga and meditation with the Mysa mat, energy unlocking and Chakra stimulation become more complete and noticeable from the very first sessions!

Mysa Chakra Yoga becomes a powerful tool, an ancient yet contemporary method to dispel clouds of the mind, to dissolve knots hindering energy flow, the quickest way to dispel mental stagnation, dark ruminations, negative thoughts, and the belief of not being “enough.”

With the online tutorial, you'll harness Mysa's potential to the fullest.

For optimal Chakra and energy meridian stimulation.

Follow the guidance of Mysa Chakra Yoga and be led by the exclusive Guided Meditation audio – an efficient and integrated system to learn to listen to your Chakras and strengthen every part of yourself in joy.

“The attitude of the mind is the highest form of prayer that can be expressed.” (Roberto Ergi).

The exceptional efficacy of our Magnetic Mysa in eliminating energy blocks is easily explained. Naturopathic magnet therapy plays a crucial role in stimulating trigger points and reflexology-relevant points for unlocking vital energy. This, combined with the special MySalus natural fiber – a choice more aligned with Yoga enthusiasts who also love the planet and nature, compared to petroleum-derived rubber-foam padding or less noble plant fibers.

Acupressure, Meditation, Magnet Therapy.

A powerful synergy to unlock energy flows.

Yoga masters feel it immediately and communicate it with astonishment and enthusiasm: Practicing Yoga and meditation, and unlocking energy knots with our Magnetic Mysa, is easier and surprisingly effective!

Want to release your inner vital energy? Want to fully embrace your nerve energy, open your Chakras to the fullest? Want to finally grasp what Yoga can offer you, experience its surprising and easy benefits?

Just follow the unprecedented Guided Meditation audio on Mysa, and the exclusive members’ area with numerous illustrated Yoga positions, and you too can enter the world of Mysa Chakra Yoga: Yoga on the Mysa mat. Acupressure, magnet therapy, a special “ad hoc” meditative practice – to feel the center of vital prana energy, enhance inner emptiness by consistently using balanced breath, and evoke the “inner Mysa smile“: entering a state of inner beauty.

And now, with the extra-long XXL versions, the experience of stimulating reflexology meridians, trigger points, and Chakra points is simply doubled. An experience not to be missed!

If energy blocks aren’t your only concern, discover the Mysa mat for you by taking the Mysa® Check-up Test!

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