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Do you constantly feel anxious? Does your body give you clear signals of the stress you’re accumulating daily? Specifically, do you experience muscle and mental tension or feel your muscles contracted and rigid, especially in your back, neck, and nape?

Rely on the precious, expert acupressure of the Original Mysa, and if you want the best on the market, experience the superior relaxing capacity of the bio-magnets in the Magnetic Mysa.

ll migliore tappetino per agopressione contro la stanchezza mentale


After 30 days of usage, Mysa users report:

82% notice a decrease in negative thoughts
81% feel more "optimistic" and positive
84% experience improved sleep quality and duration
89% would recommend it to alleviate anxiety and stress

Unwind and feel tensions dissolve.

Mental and physical tensions that decrease minute by minute.

More and more adults report constant conditions of anxiety and stress and often resort to improvised remedies that create harmful side effects and, above all, don’t address the underlying problem: not taking care of oneself anymore. Start doing it today, in your own home, with your Mysa.

A remedy as natural as it is simple, leveraging knowledge and techniques practiced for millennia: acupressure on your body, meditation on your thoughts, on your spirit. All you need to do is find half an hour for yourself (you deserve it, don’t you?), in a dark and silent room, perhaps with candles and incense, in a pleasant environment. …

The rest is done by Mysa, with its yoga tutorials, guided meditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques on Mysa… photographic sessions, and an expert voice that will guide you step by step towards beneficial and harmonizing thoughts.

You will learn simple yet proven and effective meditation techniques that have already helped thousands of people relax, leave out stress and anxiety.

The best-known acupressure, famous worldwide for its relaxing effect.

Now combined with magnetotherapy: the most powerful natural synergy for your stress

Then you just need to lie on the Mysa mat and relax: the thousands of acupressure micro-points (and even better, the relaxing bio-magnets with polarities of the Magnetic Mysa) will take care of your body, dissolving the tensions that stress and anxiety have accumulated in your back.

They will do it effectively and synergistically, stimulating the release of endorphins and oxytocin, the hormones of well-being and relaxation.

With Mysa, you have it all: its recognized quality in the design of the tips, attention to ecological and natural materials, the exclusive soothing power of the magnets for relaxing magnetotherapy. The 33-point flowers, with the balanced “Density Ratio Mysa,” have been ensuring a relaxing and stress-reducing effect on physical and mental tensions for years, and the bio-magnets further potentiate all these benefits to their maximum, making them more immediate and profound. Trust in Swedish experience and competence, treat yourself to the best for your mental well-being!

Acupressure, magnetotherapy, and the Mysa Tutorial guide.

Here's everything you need for a new Mysa life: relaxed and stress-free.

For a complete relaxing and anti-stress action, you will receive the free online Mysa tutorial, a wonderful work to relieve anxiety and stress, with its contributions of suggestions and protocols, and especially the 144 Mysa Chakra Yoga positions, yoga and meditation on the Mysa mat.

It’s essential to start or improve your yoga practice at your home, in the most fun, simple, and effective way. Yoga’s ability to relax your mind has been recognized and practiced for millennia, and with Mysa Chakra Yoga, these features reach their peak of effectiveness. Practicing yoga on the Mysa mat will enhance all these benefits, providing great relief for those who are stressed and always mentally apprehensive.

You need nothing else, just entrust yourself to the competence of those who know yoga well and have understood the potential of Mysa, conceiving an easy, practical, and super-effective system to “reset” your mind, giving you moments of unexpected and intense relaxation.

You deserve the best! If anxiety and stress aren’t your only problems, discover the right Mysa for you right away by taking the Mysa Check-up Test®!

The best Mysa acupressure mat for anxiety and stress

Here are the Mysa models ideal for alleviating anxiety and stress: Original Mysa Magnetic Mysa

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  • Magnetic Mysa: Spike Mat for Magnet Therapy

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