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Original Mysa XXL

Limited availability!


Limited availability!

Original Mysa XXL

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Here is the world’s longest acupressure mat!

A full one and a half meters of relaxation!

It guarantees an unbeatable multiple effect against all pains, a widespread stimulation of circulation, and total relaxation, all over (but really all over!) your body: from the soles of your feet to the back of your neck, in just one session!

Ideal for robust physiques and heights above average, or for anyone who wants to experience the impressive “100% Total Body Intense Acupressure”!

Not only because it is the longest on the market, but also because it combines, with its extra size, its now famous Mysa patented 33 pyramid-shaped points flowers and the best acupressure density that only its special MySalus Mysa vegetable padding can provide.

Every single muscle, every area of your body, every centimeter of your skin, every internal organ, every trigger point or contracture, every capillary, will be properly stimulated: the feeling of well-being will be so total, a huge flow of endorphins will be released simultaneously throughout the body, with enormous benefit both for blocking the perception of pain, and for muscle and mental relaxation and relief.

A unique experience, never before achieved!

The largest acupressure mat on the market: 150 cm of the best Swedish quality and therapeutic and my-relaxing capabilities! 

The result is therefore an immense, explosive, widespread pleasure, a totalizing feeling of well-being, which from each of the thousands of micro-points, rises up to the brain, which releases rivers of endorphins, with an equally explosive and complete feeling of deep, definitive relaxation: all muscles relax, a huge sense of lightness pervades the body and mind, a diffuse and mental feeling of well-being that no one had ever experienced on an acupressure mat before now.

Never before has total acupressure on the whole body, from neck to ankles, been possible.

The limit of other attempts, by competing companies and poor copies of Mysa, collided with unsuitable materials, ineffective point designs, and padding made from petroleum-derived foam that, in addition to being harmful to the body and the environment, are too soft and easily deteriorated.


Here acupressure will work on all, and we mean all, the important points, ensuring simultaneously: widespread pain relief, total muscle relaxation, immediate conciliatory action of a deep sleep.

Divisible into two Original Mysa mats, foldable into 4, and transportable in its Special MySack XXL bag made of 100% natural materials! The Mysa XXL system for assembling the two authentic Mysa mats also allows you to fold your Mysa XXL mat “accordion-style” into 4 parts, making it super practical to transport in its special MySack XXL bag, perhaps together with its special Thermo Mysa Pillow cushion, and its Mysa ErgonoPad heatable corrector.


Furthermore, you can store it in a closet or drawer in seconds and unfold it whenever and wherever you want to give yourself the maximum sensation of well-being: tens of thousands of micro-points will flood your body with endorphins and other hormones of well-being, Total relaxation, serenity, mental and physical relaxation at a level impossible to experience with any other acupressure mat, even in the longest versions.


A totalizing, widespread, full, incredible sensation to try! No other acupressure mat or similar, copy of Mysa, even in versions that try to extend its length, is remotely capable of guaranteeing the therapeutic and myorelaxant performances and benefits of Mysa XXL, as well as the same therapeutic capabilities. You deserve only the best!


Original Mysa XXL: give yourself the best and double the benefits of relaxation and analgesia. Your well-being deserves twice the best! If you want to be sure that each of your sessions on the mat can give you all the benefits of non-invasive acupuncture treatment at the highest levels.


Because only with Mysa XXL can you be sure that all relevant acupuncture and reflexology points will be beneficially and correctly stimulated according to the dictates of Chinese acupuncture and acupressure.

Only with Mysa XXL can you be sure that all the relevant acupunctural and reflexology points will be correctly and beneficially stimulated according to the principles of Chinese acupuncture and digitopressure.


At a cost just slightly higher than a single session with an acupressure specialist, you’ll have hundreds of sessions in the comfort of your own home, whenever and wherever you want, with the assurance that you’ll be stimulating the relevant points for pain relief, anti-pain, and relaxation. Isn’t that amazing?

For athletes who want to maximize their recovery and reduce muscle fatigue, Mysa XXL provides a defatigating massage that prepares muscles and joints for new physical efforts, minimizing injuries, traumas, and super-fatigue. That’s why the Original Mysa XXL is the most popular acupressure mat in rehabilitation centers, sports medicine clinics, professional sports teams, and among professional athletes.


If you wat to use it on a chair or a sofa, Mysa XXL is the only acupressure mat in the world that allows you to experience total acupressure while sitting. You’ll feel a burst of energy and lightness throughout your body, all the way down to your feet, where you can enjoy foot reflexology and the benefits it brings to all internal organs and mental and muscular energy.


You can also perform the exercises described in the included online tutorial, which is perfect for those who practice yoga and other exercises on the acupressure mat. Mysa XXL guarantees the best anchoring and stimulation of the chakra points, as illustrated in the famous book “Mysa Chakra Yoga: Yoga on the Mysa mat” (which you can consult in the Mysa online tutorial).


Never before has such full, widespread, and total acupressure been possible; no relevant reflexology point is left out! It’s the only acupressure mat that guarantees multiple benefits even for women over 158 cm and men over 170 cm, and it provides evenly distributed acupressure treatment for women over 170 cm and men over 182 cm.


If you belong to these height categories, the Original Mysa XXL is the only acupressure mat that will give you levels of well-being and myo-relaxation, relief from pain and total relaxation that are impossible to achieve with smaller mats.


The result is a unique feeling that can only be experienced by those who try it, because nowhere else on the market is there a bed of micro-points that provide such perfect and total beneficial effects, with perfect mechanical stimulation density and acupunctural uniformity.

When you try it, you’ll understand what total acupressure means: an explosion of well-being, relief from pain, and total relaxation that starts at your heels and travels up to your brain!


Mysa XXL is:


  • 150 cm long, over 20 cm longer than the longest acupressure mat in the world.
  • Can be folded to accommodate the nape (cervical), lumbar, glutes, and thighs.
  • Has an EcoMySalus fiber interior: completely vegetable-based, with no foam rubber or latex!
  • Has padding with perfect and most homogeneous density (Balanced density Ratio Mysa)
  • Can be detached into two elements, which become two separate Mysa Mats and are foldable
  • Can be attached to the Mysa Thermo Pillow made of Tuscan organic spelt.
  • “This is an incredible feeling, a complete sense of well-being, and relaxation. I already had a Mysa mat, but here the sensations and well-being have doubled!”


Swedish Mysa has definitely outdone itself: An experience of well-being that will touch every single millimeter of your body, a widespread sensation of psychophysical relaxation that you will feel for the first time in the world, on every part of your body.


Your body, the quality of your life, deserves the best. With Mysa, you will spend moments of extreme relaxation, starting tomorrow, in your own home, at the cost of two massages, with the possibility of getting it fully reimbursed on your next tax return, because it is the only one recognized as a Class I Medical Device in EUDAMED


Thank you Mysa, thank you Sweden!


“If you don’t try it, you won’t understand the full sensation: a wave of endorphins will pervade every millimeter of your body, from your feet to your neck. Incredible.”

“It’s better to equip yourself with the best right away, and in its extra-long and extra-performing version: With Mysa, your life will change, and you will be able to thank its better and more widely distributed acupressure.”

It’s like a complete non-invasive acupuncture session, where you can be sure that the relevant reflexology points will undoubtedly be stimulated: the certainty that your body will benefit, because they will undoubtedly and limitlessly stimulate all the relevant meridians, according to the millennia-old teachings of acupuncture and acupressure.

Your health deserves the best: Only the authentic Swedish Mysa, here in its version that doubles in size and therapeutic capacity!

No one had ever reached the 150 cm of acupressure well-being: it’s worth trying! If Mysa already guaranteed maximum well-being, here the well-being and relaxation are simply doubled.

Materials and features

Original Mysa XXL includes: 2 Original Mysa mats and a special cotton and velcro strap to securely connect the two mats.

With 5 bags! A beautiful MySack Mysa Extra Large XXL bag, two single canvas bags with shoulder strap (one for each mat), and two waterproof bags with handles!

Mysa is the only Class I Medical Device registered and approved at the European Community level, included in the EUDAMED Register.

100% Swedish design, important CE mark: 100% vegetable MySalus padding. It does not contain rubber foam, latex, or buckwheat. 100% cotton in “Mysa Organic Green” and non-allergenic and non-toxic ABS tips. No glue. Maximum quality of materials in every detail. 33 pyramid-shaped flower spikes: no lotus flowers or unnecessary floral motifs.


Do you want to know if this model is the best for you? Take the test.

and discover the Mysa for you right away!

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