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Muscle Stiffness


If exercise, stress or a sedentary lifestyle make your muscles stiff and tense, combine mat and pillow: you will reap the benefits of Mysa’s perfectly ergonomic acupressure on a wider area of your body. All relevant reflex points will be stimulated and a wealth of endorphins will be released, relieving pain.

From the sacral to the neck region, muscle tension will melt like snow in the sun and you will be able to make a new beginning, feeling as light as a feather!

Moreover, thanks to our special Mysalus Mysa® vegetable-fibre padding, not only will you be able to enjoy perfectly balanced acupressure, but also your skin will be free to breathe and dust and sweat will not be allowed to accumulate.

Mysa is the very best on the market for you and for the environment: thank you, Sweden!


The “pleasurably painful” action of our microtips will relax the stiff muscles surrounding the spine, “lightening your load” (i.e. re-establishing the correct degree of pressure on the intervertebral discs).

Such muscle-relaxing action will focus on the critical lumbosacral region and, thanks to our ergonomic heatable pillow, on the neck region, too.

Our mat and pillow will get the body to secrete endorphins (our natural painkiller) and will boost blood circulation and nerve stimulation along the whole length of the spine. And this will in turn increase cellular oxygenation and intervertebral-disc hydration, which are essential to curb degenerative processes, discopathies and other forms of myalgia. A widespread feeling of relaxation will pervade your body and mind. A sensation of newfound lightness will accompany you throughout the day (if mat and pillow are used in the morning) or help you fall into an immediate deep sleep (if they are used in the evening).


Our first choice is definitely our  Thermo Mysa Duo , which over the years has successfully helped both the more and the less active loosen up their stiff muscles.

Our perfectly ergonomic Thermo Mysa Duo is the only product on the market that lets you enjoy the benefit of both acupressure (thanks to its more than 10,000 special tips) and heat therapy. The latter has been used for centuries for its ability to naturally boost blood circulation. This, in turn, results in local hyperaemia, which further relaxes tense muscles.


If you then want an even faster and more decisive action, head straight for the top of the Mysa range. Enjoy the benefits of naturopathic magnet therapy too, thanks to our wonderful and innovative  ThermoMag Mysa Duo .

The latter is the combination of two unique and exclusive products: our Magnetic Mysa (extensively used by health professionals and practitioners all over the world) and our brand new Mysa ThermoMag Pillow.

Dozens of special permanent bio-magnets have been placed on both mat and pillow. They have the right naturopathic negative polarity, average gauss power and have been expertly positioned to act on all trigger points from the sacral to the neck and shoulder region.

By improving blood circulation and cellular oxygenation, magnet therapy amplifies the benefits of acupressure, loosening up tight muscles in an even more complete and effective way.

Magnet therapy is an ancient yet modern natural therapy. It has no side effects and is increasingly employed by health practitioners, posture specialists, personal trainers and sportspeople to relieve the painful tension that very often affects back muscles.

You will feel thoroughly relaxed without having to strenuously exercise or take any medication (which may cause side effects).

Here are the two Mysa gems ideally suited to loosen up Stiff Muscles:

Thermomag Mysa Duo

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