Here is how long we recommend lying on your Mysa acupressure mat each time you use it.

These instructions are of a general nature and apply to all models.

IMPORTANT: For specific uses or disorders, please refer to the relevant sections of this Mysa tutorial.

It is recommended to use your Mysa for 20 to 50 minutes.

It is also advisable not to use it for longer than an hour in a single session.

You can however use it multiple times a day.

Why at least 20 minutes?

Simply to allow the body to reap the benefits of acupressure (i.e. the release of endorphins, an improved blood and lymph circulation with its attendant hyperthermia, hyperaemia and oxygenation).

For how long?

Generally speaking, you should use it continuously for 14 days, take a one-week break (up to a maximum of three weeks) and then begin using it again for another 14 days.

It is in fact advisable to use it for “cycles” of two weeks each.

On the whole, the recommended frequency of use is: 1-4 times a day for the first two weeks (depending on your pain threshold or until the pain or stiffness has disappeared). You should then stop (or target a different area) for a week (but never longer than three weeks) and start again.

Subsequently, use it whenever you want, depending on the time at your disposal or when you feel you need to: your body will send you clear signals in this respect.

Your body and mind will “feel” the need to use your Mysa and will let you understand it…if you learn to listen to it.

A quick mention of some popular uses where the mat must be used for different lengths of time:

If you want to ease yourself into sleep (a very popular reason why our Mysa acupressure mats and pillows are used), it is recommended to lie on them, in your bed, under the blankets, for longer periods of time, although you will usually start feeling sleepy after only a few minutes!

When that happens, just move your Mysa mat / pillow aside and continue sleeping on your mattress.

Mysa should not be used for a prolonged period of time (let’s say longer than two hours) and has not been designed as a mat or pillow to be slept on all night.

On the other hand, for a RELAXING effect, after a stressful day, a physical effort or a workout, it usually takes 7-10 minutes on it to enjoy its soothing and rejuvenating properties.

This shorter period of 7-10 minutes is also sufficient to PREPARE AND PREDISPOSE THE BODY FOR A PHYSICAL EFFORT OR TO FACE THE DAY AHEAD.

It takes, in fact, less than ten minutes to relax and experience the typical sensation of beneficial warmth. The improved circulation will therefore be of great help both at the beginning of the day and in the evening, at the end of the day.

Hence, do not ever forget to “devote” 7-10 minutes to your Mysa first thing in the morning: you will feel what difference it will make in fulfilling your daily tasks…it takes so little to achieve so much!


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