Mysa is a personal product, in that it should be used by one person only for strictly hygienic reasons.

If used by more than one person, clean the case with the microtips with an antibacterial spray or wipe after each use.

Many users lay some cling film on it, covering the whole surface with the microtips before using it.

This allows multiple people to use a single Mysa without compromising the ability of the microtips to exert the appropriate amount of pressure and to fully stimulate the skin (as would be the case with a thicker cloth, which would reduce the effectiveness of Mysa’s acupressure).

To wash it, remove the inner vegetable-fibre padding and hand-wash the case with the microtips in lukewarm water, using a delicate detergent.

To dry, do not wring and do not use a tumble dryer.

Do not machine-wash!

Just place the case on a clothes horse or a radiator (although it is preferable to dry it at room temperature).

Heat must not be so intense as to alter the microtips.

Do not wash the interior padding. Should you really need to wash it, make sure to dry it in such a way it keeps its original shape and dries out completely.

If used and washed with care, your Mysa acupressure mat can last almost forever!



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